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Berlin Drums Lessons Drum School - Personalized drum lessons in Berlin Lucas Sofía (Argentina)Drummer - Composer. He began his musical training as a drummer in Lobos, Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1991.

From that year he joined rock and jazz bands with local musicians. It is formed with teachers of the likes of Norberto Minichillo, Sebastian Peycere, Tristan Taboada, Daniel Colombres. Since 2001, he travels around the world, visits and inhabits more than 20 countries, and plays: in bars, in theaters, in squares, in slums, on the street. Make concerts and musical projects (personal and session) in different countries. Musical producer, arranger and composer, it is on the broken irons of free jazz that the aura of his originality takes off with greater ease. He recorded 15 albums in Latin America (Argentina), North America (NY) and Spain.He currently resides in Berlin.




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