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mata-mata media mata-mata medien UG conceptualises time-based and interactive media projects. We are Hanno Baethe, Antonio Stilo and Zakiah Omar.

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Our new short Gestalten is online. Thank you Flora Veit-Wild for trusting us to make this for you. It was a great collaboration. Thank you to Loisey (Hong Kong) for doing such a brilliant job with the audio design, expertly integrating parts from Max's (Flora's son) compositions into his own soundscape. This shows that working remote can turn out extremely well.

GESTALTEN 9 min, 2020 This short features the dolls created by Flora Veit-Wild over a period of many years. Lady in Black, Tod der Mutter, Kunigunde, Crab Attack…

mata-mata media's cover photo

mata-mata media's cover photo

Thank you Suraya, Nik, Malte, Lola, Charlotte, Antonio and Alba for the lovely images. This one is from LIKE A WARRIOR, ...

Thank you Suraya, Nik, Malte, Lola, Charlotte, Antonio and Alba for the lovely images. This one is from LIKE A WARRIOR, LIKE A SAMURAI. We used one from ORANGE for our personal pages.


These two music video clips about the colours orange and red were made using stop motion animation by 11-year-old Alba, Antonia, Charlotte, Malte, Nik and Suraya with help from Hanno and Zaki during a workshop for the zapf TrickTruck of the KUKI 10th. International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin 2017.

The children were totally responsible for the look and feel of the clips. They met once a week during most of the two-month workshop. More often towards the deadline, which was the prize-giving ceremony of the festival on November 26. They started with analysing the texts, developing and sketching characters and storyline and then testing out the motions. Zaki was responsible for rummaging around and sourcing for fabrics and haberdashery, cutting and glueing for the characters and the scenes.

The songs, which are part of a series about colours and patterns, were written by Josepha Conrad for mata-mata medien UG. It was for the children's media project "play-play", which received support from the medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

This stop motion animation music clip was made with a team of seven 11-year-olds in Berlin during the [zapf] TrickTruck Animation Workshop of the KUKI 10th International…

mata-mata media's cover photo

mata-mata media's cover photo

Watch Karen Runge - Illustrator Online | Vimeo On Demand

The "Moments ..." series is enhanced with a short video about Karen Runge, the illustrator who created the characters and stories. This is part of our concept to show, in audiovisual form, the passionate, creative and highly skilled people behind the products we use. Her work in "Moments ..." come in the form of an illustrated video series and images printed on fabric for the square pockets on's clothes and accessories.

Rent and buy movies online. Stream and download films and series directly from their creators on Vimeo On Demand

This is the beginning of our journey in capturing and telling the stories behind the things we wear and use.

This is the beginning of our journey in capturing and telling the stories behind the things we wear and use.

Watch Dot Stripes Green Blue Online | Vimeo On Demand

Our children's animated music video series on colours and patterns, produced in collaboration with the children's clothes label, debuts on Vimeo on Demand. Featuring the amazing Susie Asado, Josepha Conrad and Blokstudio. Made with the support of the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. Please, do share with family and friends.

Experience the world of patterns and colours in a totally different light. The lyrics and music by Josepha Conrad and the animations by blokstudio make us see dots…

The "Moments" illustrated series by Karen Runge, with music composed by Michał Krajczok, featuring the characters Minka, Emily, Mathilda and Fips, found on maiin-maiin's pockets, are now on Vimeo's Video on Demand platform. The pieces are beautifully read by Katy Kavanaugh and Steve Taylor (English) and Larissa Kohl and Tilman-Günther (German). The series was produced by mata-mata media with the support of the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

Do have a look and please let us know what you think.


Here is "Moments with Emily", one of the many audiovisual media produced for maiin-maiin clothes and accessories for children.

The "Moments" series are illustrated stories that capture a moment in the lives of the girls Emily and Mathilda, Minka the Cat and Fips the Dog, created by Berlin-based Karen Runge. These lovely characters are found on the button-on pockets. We love Karen's unique, simple and strong style.

Michal Krajczok composed the music accompanying the drawings and the voice of Katy Kavanaugh. Thank you Michal and Katy for giving the pictures the wonderful sound. Katy's "Meow" is the best!

The product+media project is a mata-mata media production, funded by the medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

Thank you all!

mata-mata media's cover photo

mata-mata media's cover photo


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