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Gotta say, Alarmy app, I am super annoyed by you but you really get the job done!


My neighbor doesn't blast his music often - but when he does, it's great music #ziggyplaysguitar #kreuzberg


Sooooo tired today. There isn't enough coffee in the world. Soon, off to the Launch party of Kontist Union (who are sponsoring my event the Boss Artist Series), then a weekend of meetings, clients and work sessions ahead of me. Send me energy!


It’s 6:30 pm. ☕️ or 🍷?


Food for thought: "It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are." - E. E. Cummings


It's the first Monday of March... bye bye arctic winter! What are you working on this week?


Some like it equal


News you can use - I've got the next 2 dates for the Boss Artist Berlin Series events... in a nice venue in Torstrasse, with free drinks for you! Will announce soon :-)


It’s official: I’ve stepped into woo woo land 😉


Here is something to do before the end of the year - if an artist created something that meant something to you - a song, a book, a poem, a picture.... let them know. Find their email. Tweet at them. Or even better - share it and tag them. This year was tough for a lot of creatives. You might just make their day :-)

Awesomely Luvvie


I admitted at my book signing last Monday that I don't laugh at most of my own work, but people think I'm hilarious. Meanwhile, I'm writing and saying what I say looking like this: 😐😐😐 (straight face AF).

This is to say that WE are the worst judges of the quality of our own work. We aren't objective parties and we are not always the best ones to say "ok this is really good."

So you. Yes, I'm talking to you. That thing that you haven't done or let the world see because you don't think it's good enough? It will never be good enough FOR YOU. Stop using it as the excuse to why you haven't done it, because that is how we never see some of the world's greatest works/art/businesses/books/classes.

Do it. Do it now. It's good enough. Just let it go so you can make it DOPE (even if it isn't dope now). Because if I waited until I thought everything I did was at my own standard, I'd still be waiting to do anything.

In the words of the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike, "Just Do It."


It's 2 in the morning and I'm listening to old demos, purchasing urls, changing dns settings, writing welcome emails and updating my phone. You?


Are you woking or chilling this Sunday afternoon? Myself? Bit of both. And maybe just maybe some champagne just fell into my orange juice :-)


So much good music was released this summer. Loving it! ❤️

Sometimes I need to take my own advice :-)
Motivation is Killing Your Mojo

Sometimes I need to take my own advice :-)

There, I said it. We have this whole motivation thing backwards. There's this common perception that you need motivation to get started. So you keep waiting, and waiting. And unless some miracle happens, you might be waiting forever. When in fact motivation isn't a prerequisite to do sh♥︎t


So this morning I got up way earlier than usually and as a result I met one of the heroes of my youth - one of the guys behind one of my fave bands at that time, who also gave me a huge interview slot with them (I was working as a journalist in my spare time). It was really really interesting to hear the 'other side' and find out how much of their art and their message had been shaped by working with the right team. I truly believe that collaboration and getting a different perspectives can bring out the best in us (as long as we choose wisely). I encourage you to reach out to someone whom you'd like to be on your team today - what have you got to lose?


August. That's all


Don't give up on the artist you're becoming!




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