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Working on new cities, brrrbbbooouuaaaiiii




Lassen Sie sich von uns eine E-Mail senden und seien Sie der erste der Neuigkeiten und Aktionen von NIRBAI erfährt. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht für andere Zwecke verwendet und Sie können sich jederzeit abmelden.


We are small blue and interesting group of aliens. Our goal is to quickly and easily help you humans find events that are happening near you, now, at this very moment. From our mothership through the help of our alien equipment we are harnessing earth information, mostly trough your social media accounts. Our mothership started collecting data from earth residents in June 2017. You can try to use our search engine to find what your are looking for (po*******hy not included). In time we will harness more information from all the main cities of your lovely planet. 5 people were abducted and are already using our services on monthly basis and 9 million people are invited. We would like to hear some of your human thoughts and suggestions.

See you at some fun event!

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