w0rkt34m w0rkt34m (pronounced workteam) is the techno label run by Loud Neighbor, Xpansul and Marcos In Dub. #techno #vinyl #lovingthealien #w0rkt34m

sound & vision

sound & vision

🔊 Loud Neighbor/Interference Pattern 🎶 #newalbum #detroitunderground
Loud Neighbor

🔊 Loud Neighbor/Interference Pattern 🎶
#newalbum #detroitunderground

Greetings Earthlings! Our new album, INTERFERENCE PATTERN, featuring two beautiful collaborations with Ernesto Romeo and his VCS3 & Sistemas Modulares Núcleo, is now available for your listening pleasure on our soundcloud 🔊👽🎹🎚️🔌🎛️🎶

🗣️ limited edition 2 tone black & white cassette with full color sleeve and screenprinted label design available while supplies last // DETROIT UNDERGROUND // digital also available 🏁



Artwork from 'Interference Pattern' video by LN & Marmor.


Loud Neighbor

Loud Neighbor

Interference Pattern is out of the box! Our new album hits planet Earth the day after tomorrow!! #takeacloserlookatorder

Unboxing video courtesy of DETROIT UNDERGROUND

Loving The Alien - Remute

Greetings Earthlings, I present to you one of my all time favorite episodes that slipped between the zeros and ones. Let's freak and geek with Remute (Official). Happy Friday


DJ Pierre is back at it! #phuture #lta

👏 DJ Pierre's very first album 'Wildpitch: The Story' has arrived. Out on Get Physical Music. Check it.

Loving The Alien - Claude VonStroke

Sloppy Sundays with STEEL5000 and the Dirtybird boss, Claude VonStroke on Loving The Alien 🖖👽
#lovingthealien #sloppysundays #claudevonstroke #neverforget


Greetings Earthlings! Before releasing a very special episode with the creators of Acid, we will stroll down memory lane. Stay tuned, the next weeks we will dive into the past, which in return, will take us to the PHUTURE! 🖖👽 #lovingthealien

Loving The Alien - 022 - George Clinton

"Free your mind and your ass will follow" - George Clinton (Funkadelic)

#lovingthealien #georgeclinton #funk #greetingsearthlings

interview date: July 2015 . Brooklyn, NY

Alex Under . Degrease [WT12]

Alex Under . Disrupt EP hits the internet today! To celebrate, another video from our 12th release. #WT12 #outnow

Alex Under . Bliss [WT12]

The Truck went on some adventure's with Alex Under - Bliss 🚛🎶 #WT12 #AlexUnder #Disrupt #EP #comingsoon

Instagram Photos

Instagram Photos

Alex Under . Bliss [WT12]

Greetings Earthlings 🖖 For our next release we bring to you an artist who needs no introduction, Alex Under. Known for his fat techno productions and delirious live sets, Alex kicks off the EP with the other foot. Disrupt, a tranquil beauty. #wt12 #disrupt



We'll be rocking La Vaca this month!!!


WT07, along with the rest of the gang, available at w0rkt34m.bandcamp.com #tbt #stillhot #techno #loudneighbor #sandfly #tonyrohr #laytongiordanni #mussen #w0rkt34m



Little things that cheer me up: Laurent Garnier playing Xpansul - "Oxygen Toxicity (Heliox Mix)" at Time Warp 2017 :)

Listen to the full EP: http://bit.ly/2jDBfbe
w0rkt34m Envelope Structure

#Techno #LaurentGarnier #TimeWarp2017 #w0rkt34m #Xpansul

w0rkt34m's cover photo

w0rkt34m's cover photo

w0rkt34m records are now available in the beautiful and cozy shop, Marla Records, hier in Berlin 🙃 and for those of you ...

w0rkt34m records are now available in the beautiful and cozy shop, Marla Records, hier in Berlin 🙃 and for those of you in other parts of the universe http://w0rkt34m.bandcamp.com 👾🖖

Loud Neighbor shares some of their favorites with Local Suicide  ▶️🎶👾🔊
Loud Neighbor

Loud Neighbor shares some of their favorites with Local Suicide ▶️🎶👾🔊

Freitag, funtag 🙃 Start off your weekend with Local Suicide's "Soundtrack To Your Night In" featuring a little musical selection by yours truly 🎶👾▶️🔊 #treatyourself

Time4 Clubbing

Xpansul full force!!!

Así cierra una noche antológica para la electrónica madrileña. Xpansul vuelve a Cassette y lo hace con una de las mejores sesiones que recordamos en muchísimo tiempo #cassetteclub #madrid

w0rk^sh0p . bringing humans and machines together

One year ago, on a Saturday like today, humans and machines were brought together at w0rk^sh0p 🎶👾🖖 Alto evento!

w0rk^sh0p was made possible by yours truly, Playground Records, Argensynths, Electro Shocke-C, CheLA, amigos del alma, all the artists that shared their beloved machines and machine lovers like you 🎵🎛🎚🎹 gracias a todos 💗

Teaming up with our friends from Playground Records and Argensynths we put on a free, cultural event in the legendary cheLA on February 6th, 2016. w0rk^sh0p ...




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