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BUBIG! und wir fordern Unterstützung für freie Kreative!
Freie Kreative fordern Unterstützung

BUBIG! und wir fordern Unterstützung für freie Kreative!

Die Initiative Bild im Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. nimmt als Vertreter der Kreativwirtschaft kritisch Stellung zu den aktuellen Sofortmaßnahmen der Bundesregierung und der Länder angesichts der Corona-Krise.



It's been a while since I had the pleasure to interview someone for my blog. With the series of interviews that I have done so far, I have always aimed to give

cosmopola_berlinNatural Beauty Has No Age 👄 #findyourbeauty 📸 by @fraukefischer#model Jutta von Brunkau @vivamodelsberli...

Natural Beauty Has No Age 👄 #findyourbeauty 📸 by @fraukefischer
#model Jutta von Brunkau @vivamodelsberlin for Rennaissance Magazine @the_renaissance_magazine #hairandmakeup @melanie_schoene @ninakleinagency #photography #fraukefischer #welovebeauty #beautyphotography #blackandwhitephotography 🖤#showmeyourback #beautybodylandscape #outfit #sandroparis #cosmopola_berlin

Cosmopola's cover photo

Cosmopola's cover photo

Cosmopola's cover photo

Cosmopola's cover photo


Joseph Ford AT BBC News !!! TV Interview! ...Instead of standing out Joseph chooses to stand in with his "Camouflage Series" :))! #camouflageseries #perfectblend #josephford

WE CELEBRATE! We won 2x silver at EPICA AWARDS! Bravo Alexandra Kinga Fekete !!! #wearitwithpride #scholzandfriendsberli...
Scholz & Friends - Epica Awards 2017 Winners

WE CELEBRATE! We won 2x silver at EPICA AWARDS! Bravo Alexandra Kinga Fekete !!! #wearitwithpride #scholzandfriendsberlin thanks! #christinaschoefisch

Sophie bike safety German Road Safety Council + The Federal Ministry of Transport

We are super proud to share with YOU this bottle LOVE STORY made of 100 % recyclable material we created for Coca-Cola !...
Ogilvy Berlin

We are super proud to share with YOU this bottle LOVE STORY made of 100 % recyclable material we created for Coca-Cola !

Created and produced by Cris Wiegandt & Lacy Barry & Cosmopola !!!!
Thanks to everyone involved in believing in us and the project!
We spent intensive time together over the last weeks, #thanks to the #team! #wemissyou #wehadfun #recycling #upcycling

Produced by MovieBrats Studios - Animation & Visual Effects & Cosmopola
Created and produced by Cris Wiegandt & Lacy Barry @ Cosmopola
DIRECTOR: Cris Wiegandt
DOP: Karl Hofmann Frickelfilm & Team
CRAFTS DEPARTMENT: Cris Wiegandt, Lacy Barry, Sana Schönle, Alejandra Vargas Díaz, Sakiko, Gosia Borowiec
SET DESIGN: Björn Ullrich
ANIMATION TEAM: Andreas Dihm, Robert Löbl
RIGGER: Bernhard Schmitt
AGENCY: Ogilvy Berlin, thanks to you all! Bianca Heusch (AD), Malu Lara (Copywriter), Max Brunner ( Account Director), Georg Ilse (Tv Producer)
special thanks to DAVID HENNING @ MovieBrats Pictures and Frank Groll @ Cosmopola !
You are the best!

We made a love story – a film about recycling made of recycled bottles and cans. Our latest work was launched in the UK, running on TV, in cinemas and online – a challenging project for an important issue. Created by Ogilvy Berlin, produced by Berlin-based duo Cris Wiegandt & Lacy Barry (Cosmopola), MovieBrats Studios - Animation & Visual Effects and Studio Funk. Thanks to everyone who made this beautifully crafted film possible, especially Malu, Bianca , Max, Georg, Björn and Felix. #cocacola #ogilvyberlin

MANGO SS17 Campaign

Mango HIGHSUMMER 17 campaign by GUS&LO featuring Arizona Muse, Alana Arrington and Sophia Ahrens.

Watch & Enjoy!

Film created for the Spring Summer Season 2017 Mango Featuring ARIZONA MUSE, ALANA ARRINGTON, SOPHIA AHRENS Shot in THAILAND with RED Weapon 8K and Anamorphic…

Ellen von Unwerth official

Ellen von Unwerth for Harper's Bazaar Arabia featuring the beautiful Shanina Shaik out now!

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia is out!
A film by Ellen von Unwerth
Models :
Hana Ben Abadesslem / Next Models
Hind Sahli / Premier
Shanina Shaik / IMG
Fashion Editor : Katie Trotter
Editor in chief Harper’s Bazaar Arabia : Louise Nichol
Hair : Daniel Martin / Brian Artists
Make Up : Cathyanne Mac Allister / B-Agency
Beauty assistant : Toni Malt
1st Assistant : Stan Rey Grange
Digital Operator : Jérome Vivet
Videographer : Matthieu Lemaire-Courapied
Production : Ricci Productions & Creative Ldt

Ellen von Unwerth official

Ellen von Unwerth for Numéro TOKYO yeah!

A Film by Ellen von Unwerth
Stef van der Laan / IMG
Ferdi Sibel / Success
Stylist : Gaelle Bon / Agence Saint Germain Paris
Hair : Alessandro Rebecchi / Artlist
Make Up : Mayia Alleaume / Calliste
Manicurist : Julie Villanova / Artlist
Props : Sylvain Cabouat / Walter Schupfer
1st Photo Assistant : Henri de Carvalho
Digital Operator : Jérome Vivet
Videographer: Matthieu Lemaire-Courapied
Production : Clara Rea

Cris Wiegandt for Almdudler. YEAH!Gehört z'sam. Probier mal die neue Minze, Holunder oder mit Zitrone G...
Fix z'sam sein hat Geschichte!

Cris Wiegandt for Almdudler. YEAH!

Gehört z'sam. Probier mal die neue Minze, Holunder oder mit Zitrone G'spritzt.
Vielen Dank VICE Austria...Ihr seid Super!

Jetzt neu! Hol' dir die neuen Sorten - Almdudler mit Minze, Holunder oder G'spritzt mit Zitrone. Die gehören nämlich ab heute fix z'sam! Mehr Infos unter: ww...

We are in LOVE with this video by Kava Gorna for The Standard Hotels shot at The Standard, Downtown LA capturing the fre...
WATCH: Lida Fox Cuts Loose with Kava Gorna at The Standard, Downtown LA

We are in LOVE with this video by Kava Gorna for The Standard Hotels shot at The Standard, Downtown LA capturing the freedom of rolling solo, far from home, in a room all of one’s own. Featuring the beautiful former ballet dancer, now model and YSL muse Lida Fox.

In the first installment of our video series with photographer Kava Gorna, former ballet dancer turned model Lida Fox cuts a rug at The Standard, Downtown LA.

Solid Water

New work from our super duo GUS&LO​ for Massimo Dutti​ featuring Noah Mills​ Made with LOVE. Enjoy!

Featuring Noah Mills, A Film by Gus&Lo.

Missy Magazine TV Commercial

Cris Wiegandt for Missy Magazine YEAH!

A TV commercial representing the various contents of the magazine German pop-feminist Magazine Missy Magazine.
Concept and Editing by Cris Wiegandt Cosmopola and Susanne Huber. Production by Cosmopola.

Read about it on Design made in Germany:

To catch some special vibes was the challenge, when (the) german pop-feminist Magazine Missy requested Cris Wiegandt to develop a TVC representing the various contents of the magazine. Together with Susanne Huber, they created a showcase that split the Missy-lettering in five single sections, each o...


A big congratulation to our Ollanski & Cris Wiegandt - paper craft & animation for the first price in category Animation at the Le Book Creative Awards at Connections Amsterdam! The 16th award by this piece of amazing work for Pepsi.

The Dusk Club

We are happy to announce our new family members GUS&LO to the Cosmopola Family. Welcome!

Recent work from the lovely guys, shot with love for Mango The Dusk Club. We love it.

Video Campaign for Mango Featuring Steffy Argelish, Boyd Gates, Luna Bijl, Sofie Hemmet, Tim Schuhmacher Styled by Aleksandra Woroniecka Hair Stylist Duffy Make…


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Considerations of "BestAger model" over 60 years Successful product advertising with charismatic "Ü50er" model The presentation of products, is first and foremost about credibility, to be successful. Day products are most successful by their product name, or the name of the manufacturer; What are mediated presence, timeliness and quality. Fashion products require an unerring, distinctive marketing strategy because the available time span from idea/design is relatively short and to the market. The clothing industry offers a special challenge, since it is fixed on three target groups: A- the trend-setters that must occur if their position in society, fashion-conscious B- the so-called middle class, which has the necessary resources to accompany fashion trends C- the width layer, which follows her fashion sense at an affordable price. We know that the gap between cheap, cheap and expensive fashion products is increasing. Large bulk product companies who recognize quickly what cheap can be opened up to new trends for the width of market, are quickly becoming successful in the next few years. Without countermeasures fashion designers in the Middle, and partly in the upscale segment be large losses as a result, if they are still close to the modern marketing strategies, as well as the visions of the designers and users. With professionalism in the market marketing is here not only to artistic creativity, but in particular to the think. What does this tell us? The fashion products are OK, and can be successfully marketed if the time span between the market offers no temporal scope to imitate the "cheap fashion companies" to the market. The promotional measures for the target group "Ü50er" (from 50 years upwards) - whether print, radio or TV can be media - but especially at fashion shows in their frequency and professionalism very wish left.   Ask friends, which they have visited the last time a fashion show with the fashion industry professionally have nothing to do, when, or ever. Yes, most have never been to a fashion show. A slightly smaller group can still remember having attended a fashion show but neither the year nor to the products themselves. The smallest group can remember pretty model's the designer and that, but especially to the amount that was payable. Men's fashion... Oh, Yes, that was also shown; But what, exactly, I could no longer tell. But... 3 or 4 - Super boys, who presented the neu Men's fashion with a body like "ADONIS". My wife was thrilled, but I saw nothing appealing for my age group. What was wrong do the organizers? Why don't we ask ourselves: -How credible is it when a pretty young woman presents a "ANTI WRINKLE cream" at the 20? -How credible is it when a small "ADONIS" is used for the marketing of a potency remedy? Clever market strategists have already recognized the problem and successfully create the believable young team "Product and model". In the field of fashion yet very restrained dealing with this important recognition. The application of Ü50er - target group is carried out against better knowledge on the merits of female and male model's maximum 30 years. Although presented fashion be taken up also by the "Ü50er - target group", an identification is produced is difficult by the potential buyers. So identification must be created in the context of the presentation of fashion. This is true for the trend - as well as for the classical fashion. The target group of "Ü50er" will exactly, as the younger customers, see how 'They' in this "designer pants, designer jacket... etc." would even look. And, if possible, here and now on the catwalk! The advertising industry is almost always guilty the proof of this them - unfortunately -. Although the "Ü50er" is an extremely important target group. Consider these two important factors: the purchasing power of the "Ü50er", and on the demographic changes in our society! Is a significant pent-up demand for the integration of this target group, the model agencies. You are the "mediator" between the fashion and the customer. If you want to meet this task, you need charismatic identity through the use of "Ü50er-model's" urgently to the presentation of the new fashion. Now once we humans are "Eye creatures" who are looking for the pictorial perception. The pictorial convinced more times and stays much longer in the consciousness of the Viewer. Sum up: ID is required! A "Ü50er" enjoys but at the sight of beautiful model's and presented fashion audience. But when it comes to their purchasing decisions, a model, whether its natural beauty and charisma, as well as the sensuality of the expression - all critical reference to the customers and thus for sale, manufactures the convinced much more. As a potential buyer you can feel the familiarity, yes the identity which then leaves room for the essentials, namely, fashion for the viewers and potential customers. So: Let's go together to the vulnerabilities us to become successful: - The presentation of the new fashion ran much more frequently - present on the catwalk - Strengthening of the model structures through charismatic "Ü50er" model's - Selection events for new top-model's, such as the Richmond - 2011 in Dresden. Complete with charismatic "Ü50er"-model's. which determines would be considered also by the younger model's as an enrichment. - In the various forums and agencies reconsider model job offer, to get this model's identify a strategic addition to the "Ü50er" and appreciate. The success will be not long in coming. I would like to work with on this improvement