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The Field Berlin ART GROWS HERE The Field is an artists’ support organization based in NYC, which in 2009 opened a site in Berlin to ”support artists in the development of their work and to combat the isolation which often comes with an artistic career” (from


Good news! The next Fieldwork session is coming in March 2015! Time to make space in your calenders for us. In an extremely bold move, we're changing the time to Tuesdays from 3-5pm. The workshop runs for 8 weeks, starting on the 3rd of March, and our showing will be on Friday the 24th of April. More details and sign up info to follow!


Only a week left to get a 15 EUR discount when you register for our Spring Session (25th of March to the 20th of May). Sign up at [email protected] and come grow some art!


Just a reminder that Early Bird registration is still on! Get in before March 5th and the next Field course (25th of March to the 20th of May) is only 85 EUR. Contact us here or at [email protected] to register, and spread the word!


Early Bird registration for The Field Spring Session starts today! Only 85 EUR if you register before the 5th of March. If you would like a registration form, please feel free to contact us via Facebook or e-mail us at [email protected] - here's to a creative 2014!

Berlin, Germany

Webpage UPDATED! Nay, Pimped! With actual pretty pictures! (many by the lovely Anja Beyer)

Participants talk about The Field Berlin: "The Field gave me space, time, a deadline and an audience which were necessary to create my newest solo work SPIN. It provided me with short term goals an...

Timeline photos

Timeline photos

the creative process :)
Foto via Art, Ctrl, Del

Morgen geht's los! There is still space for a spontaneous, last-minute artist to join us and get creatively-supported (c...
Berlin, Germany

Morgen geht's los! There is still space for a spontaneous, last-minute artist to join us and get creatively-supported (cupported?) like nobody's business...

join our mailing list here Nächste Fieldwork Reihe für Künstler: (scroll down for English) Jan-März 2013 Dienstags 12:30-14:30 außer wo notiert 22.01, 29.01, 04.02 (Montag), 12.02 (12:00-14:00), 19...

...with your art. The rest is up to you. ;)

...with your art. The rest is up to you. ;)


*next Fieldwork Session Jan 22-March 1 2013 in Künstlerquartier Bethanien (Mariannenplatz)* :)


we started today! beautiful work everybody! i hear a rumor there is still an opportunity to join the group...


Assistanceship available for fall Fieldwork starting 04.09.12- contact thefieldberlin at if you are interested!

Fieldwork- Grow your Art
Fieldwork- Grow your Art

Fieldwork- Grow your Art

Fieldwork is for you if you are a practicing artist, musician or designer. It offers a weekly deadline for progressing your work, a supportive and honest feedback process and a community of artists watching your process unfold. For a sense of the kind of feedback we practice, see the image below or...


one more week to get your arty ass in gear! Fall fieldwork starts next Tuesday, Sept 4 and we have a space for you...


an example of the method online... live in sept/oct at tanzfabrik

How to use Fieldwork/International page....

1. The work shown, is done so without any explanation and
2. The feedback given is non directorial and non suggestive.

Therefore, the artist allows their work to stand on its own and is able to hear honest, critical feedback as the other participants only speak to what is shown.

Work presented should be under 10 minutes.

• What struck you, surprised you, distanced you, and/or confused you
• The structure and its relationship to the work as a whole
• The social, political, and/or the historical context of the piece
• Your emotional responses and gut reactions
• Comments related to your understanding of the work’s intent.
• Specific examples that support your comments
• Stating the obvious; which is sometimes very helpful to artists.

the fieldwork method... for more join Fieldwork, starting 04.09.12

the fieldwork method... for more join Fieldwork, starting 04.09.12

previous participants, please comment!!!
solo series/ part one

previous participants, please comment!!!

Vimeo is a respectful community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make. Use Vimeo if you want the best tools and highest quality video in the universe.


sorry the spring fieldwork session is not happening, guys-- we may do a one day event or a quicky 4-weeker in late spring/early summer. let us know what you want!


great first session today! askew opera, improvisational viola da gamba, dance, theater, poetry, a special object and an ode to a theatrical death...

ARTMAKERS- come and be supported, challenged, pushed, expanded. Grow your work!

ARTMAKERS- come and be supported, challenged, pushed, expanded. Grow your work!


last day for discounted registration for Fall Fieldwork! share your art, have a weekly deadline, get support and feedback, perform/read/exhibit for the public and tanzfabrik.

Art Time-- Fall Fieldwork starting Oct 21 2011. Discounted registration until Sept 19 (that's in 16 days...)
Berlin, Germany

Art Time-- Fall Fieldwork starting Oct 21 2011. Discounted registration until Sept 19 (that's in 16 days...)

Fall Fieldwork with Rachel Brooker and Alexis Baker Artists will gather for five weekly meetings to show work and receive rigorous, supportive feedback following the Fieldwork feedback metho...


Field Network Europe Conference coming April 16-17...


new session started today-- bitchin'!

starting thursday...

starting thursday...

Timeline photos

Timeline photos


more artforms represented in Fieldwork starting this Thursday:

writing, photography, dance (swing, modern, burlesque), martial arts, sketching, collage creation, mix-tape concoction, flower arranging, experimental cookery, massage, walkabout, hallucinogenics, post-haste nomad living, survival.


Still space in the Fieldwork Session starting Thursday at Tanzfabrik. Feedback from our last event:

The most important aspect of The Field was to meet people in a very open atmosphere, willing to see and talk about other people’s work...

Overall, I think I found most worth the kind of opportunity to come together in an atmosphere of solidarity and care for the other.


registration still open for fieldwork session starting march 3


Mariannenplatz 2

Allgemeine Information

Facilitators: Alexis Baker and Rachel Brooker Site Coordinator: Rachel Brooker


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