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Robo Term dj & producer; born & raised in East-Berlin; co-founder of White Mouse Records; music lover 20.05.2017 ://about blank 20.08.2016 Burg Schnabel 30.03.2016 AVA Club 05.03.2016 Brunnen70 26.02.2016 ://about blank Berlin 12.02.2016 Brunnen70 02.01.2016 Brunnen70 12.09.2015 K-PAX 04.09.2015 Birgt&Bier 14.08.2015 ABOUT BLANK 05.06.2015 KOSMONAUT 05.02.2015 MINIMAL BAR 31.12.2014 LOFTUS HALL 07.11.2014 ABOUT BLANK 17.10.2014 MIKZ 10.10.2014 MINIMAL BAR 30.05.2014 KINO ZUKUNFT 28.02.2014 ABOUT BLANK 15.02.2014 BRUNNEN70 15.11.2013 RAW99 09.11.2013 R19 18.10.2013 BRUNNEN70 28.09.2013 MORLOX 07.09.2013 MORLOX 03.08.2013 MORLOX 06.07.2013 MORLOX 05.07.2013 COOKIES 29.06.2013 SUICIDE 21.06.2013 MORLOX 25.05.2013 FREUDENREICH 04.05.2013 MORLOX 20.04.2013 SUICIDE 06.04.2013 MORLOX 02.03.2013 MORLOX 02.02.2013 MORLOX 04.01.2013 MORLOX 29.12.2012 MORLOX 07.12.2012 MORLOX 24.11.2012 MORLOX 23.11.2012 GOLDEN GATE 02.11.2012 MORLOX 27.10.2012 MORLOX 05.10.2012 MORLOX 29.09.2012 MORLOX 07.09.2012 MORLOX 25.08.2012 MORLOX 03.08.2012 MORLOX 28.07.2012 MORLOX 14.07.2012 MORLOX 16.06.2012 FESTSAAL XBERG 01.06.2012 MORLOX 26.05.2012 MORLOX 25.05.2012 GOLDEN GATE 04.05.2012 MORLOX 28.04.2012 MORLOX 13.04.2012 CUBE 06.04.2012 MORLOX 31.03.2012 MORLOX 02.03.2012 MORLOX 25.02.2012 MORLOX 03.02.2012 MORLOX 28.01.2012 MORLOX 07.01.2012 MORLOX 31.12.2011 MORLOX 30.12.2011 MORLOX 26.11.2011 MORLOX 25.11.2011 LTHG 29.10.2011 MORLOX 15.10.2011 SUICIDE CIRCUS 08.10.2011 NAHERHOLUNG STERNCHEN 24.09.2011 MORLOX 17.09.2011 ABOUT BLANK 26.08.2011 MORLOX 25.06.2011 MORLOX 28.05.2011 MORLOX 30.04.2011 MORLOX 29.03.2011 MIKZ 11.03.2011 MORLOX 11.03.2011 FESTSAAL KREUZBERG 18.02.2011 ASPHALT CLUB 21.01.2011 MORLOX 14.01.2011 BRUNNEN70 31.12.2010 MORLOX 31.12.2010 STADTBAD ODERBERGER 25.12.2010 ASPHALT CLUB 20.11.2010 ANTJE ÖKLESUND 27.08.2010 MORLOX 20.08.2010 STRANDBAD JUNGFERNHEIDE 23.07.2010 ABOUT BLANK 25.06.2010 MORLOX 21.05.2010 MORLOX 30.04.2010 MORLOX 09.04.2010 DICE 06.02.2010 MORLOX 12.12.2009 PRIVAT CLUB 21.11.2009 SINALLNEON (FFM) 24.10.2009 YORCKSTRASSE KRAFTFABRIKHALLE 12.09.2009 MORLOX 22.08.2009 TACHELES 31.07.2009 SPREEKIND 19.06.2009 SUICIDE CIRCUS 13.06.2009 SPREEKIND 13.06.2009 MÄDCHENINTERNAT 24.04.2009 LINDENPARK (PDM) 28.01.2009 FASHIONSHOW 30.12.2008 ZMF 13.12.2008 OFF LOCATION 24.10.2008 BRUNNEN70 11.10.2008 KÖPI 27.09.2008 SPREEKIND 16.08.2008 SCHÖNWETTER 08.08.2008 C-BASE 02.08.2008 SPREEKIND 25.04.2008 GOLDEN GATE 22.03.2008 MAGNET 15.03.2008 SPARTACUS (PDM) 08.03.2008 SCALA 07.03.2008 MS-HOPPETOSSE 15.11.2007 FIRE-CLUB 13.10.2007 OFF LOCATION 02.10.2007 THE COLOR ROOMS 28.09.2007 GOLDEN GATE 21.09.2007 MAGNET 25.08.2007 GALAOSHOTS FESTIVAL 23.08.2007 EEL PIE 18.08.2007 C-BASE 18.08.2007 F**KPARADE 17.08.2007 KIKI BLOFELD 13.07.2007 INTERSOUP 25.05.2007 EEL PIE 11.05.2007 MAGNET 08.02.2007 MUDD CLUB 26.01.2007 KÖPI 05.01.2007 PFEFFERBANK 31.12.2006 KIEZ (DESSAU) 15.12.2006 ROSENHOF (DEICHKIND AFTERSHOW PARTY, OSNABRÜCK) 18.11.2006 FESTSAAL KREUZBERG 16.11.2006 PFEFFERBANK 13.10.2006 FESTSAAL KREUZBERG 08.09.2006 FESTSAAL KREUZBERG 26.08.2006 KV-FESTIVAL 25.08.2006 KÖPI 06.07.2006 STADTBAD ODERBERGER 13.05.2006 PFEFFERBANK 06.05.2006 KÖPI 06.04.2006 ROSIS 11.03.2006 PFEFFERBANK 09.03.2006 ZAPATA 14.01.2006 PFEFFERBANK 30.12.2005 MAGNET 25.11.2005 MAGNET 15.10.2005 PFEFFERBANK 18.06.2005 KINZO

👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️C H E E K -  V E N U S  (SUNSHINE PEOLPLE) 1996🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈...
Cheek ‎- Venus (Sunshine People) 1996


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Val Kilmer

Nice 🕺🏻💃🏻

The is incredible. Must find the editor...

Planisphère CompleteWhat a massive track!🎸🎸🎸🎸🥁🥁🥁🎹🎹🎹🎹
Justice - Planisphère Complete

Planisphère Complete

What a massive track!

Planisphère, Part 1= 0:00 - 7:21 Planisphère, Part 2= 7:22 - 9:39 Planisphère, Part 3= 9:40 - 13:10 Planisphère, Part Final= 13:11 - 17:39

Make Monday less Monday
A Soul Thing

Make Monday less Monday

Not everyone understands house music. It's a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing. dj set of 2013

🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊habt allesamt ein superweiches wochenende // have a supersoft weekend // tous ont un week-end super...
My Conception of House Music

habt allesamt ein superweiches wochenende // have a supersoft weekend // tous ont un week-end super doux // tutti hanno un weekend super soft // wszyscy mają super miękki weekend

This is the video of my compilation MY CONCEPTION OF UNDERGROUND MUSIC available now on Beatport:

Robo Term

Robo Term

a lovely TATM set u can listen to on this rainy day. hope to c y’all soon at ABOUT BLANK About Feminism on 10th of May
LTHG ://about blank 26.02.16

a lovely TATM set u can listen to on this rainy day. hope to c y’all soon at ABOUT BLANK About Feminism on 10th of May

lovely people loving each other on the dancefloor

Enjoy that playlist. All songs treat the same theme.
„Creepy“ auf Apple Music

Enjoy that playlist. All songs treat the same theme.

Am Dienstag aktualisiert, 8 Titel. Kostenlos mit Apple Music-Abo.



This is "MAYAN WARRIOR COMPLETE" by ADRENORAMA on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


How much have you spent on vinyl?

Erol Alkan

So war das damals also mit dem Remix 💙💃🏻🕺🏻

This rework for Justice changed a lot for me. The sound that Ed Banger Records were pioneering was blowing up on the underground, and 'Waters Of Nazareth' arrived at the right time to take it to the next level. I was already close with Xavier and Gaspard for a few years by then, and I think I this was the first remix anybody had made for them, so I was really keen to not mess it up.

My main focus on this rework was to make it easy to mix and play, arrange it in a way which continued to build and build to a crescendo, and then a moment to wrong foot the dance floor. The parts in the original are so interesting and full of character that you can be quite sparse with how it develops, so I made the whole arrangement mathematical. Rather than building the track off the back off a vibe/feeling as I usually would, each section unfolded and developed at the same rate until it reached a peak. The intro was designed to make it as inviting as possible for even the most amateur Dj to be able to mix, as all you had to do was hit the play button on the beat, and the track would take off. It was deliberately straighter than then original, which was the wilder, more complex older brother in comparison. From top to bottom, I think this was made in 4 hours, with a small tweak after I tested it out for the first time. I should add that even though I named this a 're-edit' back then, I would put it alongside 'The Bay' in the sense that I had separate parts to make my version from, and I'd usually term a 're-edit' when only having a stereo track to work with, with possibly not adding any new parts.

After a few months, the opening kick and snare sound found themselves in the productions of countless records, but I suppose it worked in Justice's favour and that pointed back to this mix/track more. I did at one point apologise for leaving it so bare at the front, and in doing so accidentally inviting it to be sampled, but I suppose - looking back - it worked out OK.

Phantasy have reissued this on 12" vinyl (back with the rework of Tame Impala's 'Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind' and it's part of the upcoming 'Reworks Volume 1' boxset and double CD compilation.

Get more details or pre order the limited edition formats here:

EFDEMIN - Transducer

...weil es grad so schön passt...
Efdemin - Transducer

Shot in 1990 by Stefan Münster on Video 8 Edit by Philllip Sollmann 2014 Track taken from DECAY DIAL rec 2014



Burning Man 2017: Stunning Photos From The World's Biggest And Craziest Festival
Burning Man 2017: Stunning Photos From The World's Biggest And Craziest Festival

Burning Man 2017: Stunning Photos From The World's Biggest And Craziest Festival

@rslobodan 70,000 people gather for the annual Burning Man arts and music festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Burning Man Festival is one of the world's biggest and most popular festivals. Since 1986, revelers from far and wide have trekked to the temporarily constructed Black Rock City,

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