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*art&bar THU—SAT from 7PM

\\ open to all kinds of inqui

Wie gewohnt öffnen

***ORANGE PALACE***THIS THURSDAY • DEC 1ST • 7PM.worldwide bringing you cozyness and good tunes on this very last event ...


.worldwide bringing you cozyness and good tunes on this very last event before ORi will go into hibernation.

„The Orange Palace is a new winter-warming events series from your friends at GOAT looking to provide hand holding lung expansions of love. New music projects are welcomed and encouraged, along with space and time for expression and movement in all directions. Featuring some of your favourite loving GOAT musicians, along with new faces and old loves. Big kiss, get ready“


Ben Gregory

Donations on the door

See you thursday babes

***Dirty Talk Magic WORKSHOP***COMING UP TOMORROW • NOV18th🍯 SIGN UP VIA LINK IN OUR BIO 🍯Your next chance to get some p...

***Dirty Talk Magic WORKSHOP***


Your next chance to get some practice in dirty talk is coming up tomorrow! If you’re looking for a fun activity with a friend, a sweet exercise with your partner or are just curious to improve your skills — this workshop is for anyone wanting to explore more of the world of dirty talk 🎷

Don’t we all have to overcome this little shyness that’s sitting right next to our desire of wanting to open up more? 🔑 well, tomorrow is your chance!

More detailed info in our bio as well as the SIGN UP form 📒

🍋 Almost everyone shares that they think they are bad at Dirty Talk. Is it time to invest a cosy date night in practicing in communicating your desires?

🌻 Bringing a partner is better but we will also do some group activities and matching

⭐️ Non-sexual space - it is easy and fun to practice with a friend and take the tips and techniques home to the bedroom

See you tomorrow!

TOMORROW • NOV16th • 7PM**DJ PIPER ALBUM LAUNCH**“We celebrate the release of DJ Piper's debut album "A Dream In A Dream...


“We celebrate the release of DJ Piper's debut album "A Dream In A Dream" on Kommerz Records with a cozy listening session at Ori in Neukölln. We'll bring records and shirts and we'll showcase the beautiful artworks by our visual wizards behind the project, Raman Djafari and Dominik Keller as well as photographer Ronja Kappl. DJ Piper is the new born hip-hop project of Felix Wagner, one half of techno duo FJAAK.”

Hosted by .fyi

Art by

Drinks by yours truly


self/portrait 🪡🪞 november session #417.11. - 6pm at .berlin the poetry of physicalness:corpo-real/the body of self-image...

self/portrait 🪡🪞 november session #4

17.11. - 6pm at .berlin

the poetry of physicalness:
corpo-real/the body of self-image

after three sessions of working with the artist identity, we are ready to go next steps in self-reflection processes and to go for some experimental selfportraits by exploring the physicalness of ourselves
the „poetry of physicalness“ is planned in three parts, each exploring different perspectives of the body-poem.
 this is the first part:
corpo-real/the body of self-image
in this session we will be focusing on the human body itself: our own bodies, it's functions, it's appearance, it's uniqueness as well as our (correlational) experiences with it.
one's relation to their own body can be quite sensitive, so we'll make sure to create a super safe space in moments we share, but the aim is also to try to find an artistic approach to this topic, which evades judgmental thoughts initially
very looking forward to this special session!


about self/portrait:
monthly workshop series by .art from .berlin, thought as an artistic safe space, to explore experimental possibilities of self-expression and using art for self reflection.
daring to create self portraits, which might give us insights about ourselves - in diverse abstract and vivid ways.

picture credit: leonardo bezzola: niki de saint phalle, 1969

***CHAOS STADT ZINE LAUNCH***this saturday • nov 5th • doors 7pmChaos Stadt (Chaos City) is a new photo-zine series that...

this saturday • nov 5th • doors 7pm

Chaos Stadt (Chaos City) is a new photo-zine series that will focus on a particular city with every issue. The first issue focuses on Berlin, photographically exploring the city’s self-destructive, contradictory and at times violent nature.
This was shot over a 3 year period using mostly analog photography

Come along to the launch party for my latest zine, “Chaos Stadt”.

Here you will be able to buy the zine and also view a one night only exhibition!

please respect noise levels after 10pm

I hope to see you all

You haven’t had enough and wanna practise? Feel like spicing up your usual vocabulary a bit? Wanna overcome a shyness th...

You haven’t had enough and wanna practise? Feel like spicing up your usual vocabulary a bit? Wanna overcome a shyness that’s brewing inside still?

🛼Well, you get another chance! It’s happening again!🛼

Join our Dirty Talk Magic WORKSHOP
this friday NOV 4TH from 7—9PM at ORi

⭐️siggggggn uuuuup hereeeeee⭐️

By joining this workshop you support the community and our space. AND OF COURSE UPGRADE YOUR SKILL SET 🛁👾🪩

&& you’ll find more info on the eventbrite
&&& another edition of this workshop is happening NOV 18th — save the date!

THIS SATURDAY • OCT 29thselfPORTRAIT workshop VOL3starting 4PM • details belowwwoktober/session : the inner artist 🪞🧡the...

selfPORTRAIT workshop VOL3
starting 4PM • details belowww

oktober/session : the inner artist 🪞🧡

the next self/portrait session is about going deeper into identity work through art and integrating artists identities in reflective and intuitive processes.

the artist identity will be build up in three phases.
🪞awaking: the child makes the beginning
🪞evolving: forming an inner artist
🪞creating: coming together in art

self/portrait is a workshop series by .art from .berlin which is held monthly at ORi.
It is thought as a safe space for art, to explore experimental possibilities of artistical, bold expressions and to use art for self reflection. One by one we are creating self portraits which might give us insights about ourselves, in many abstract and vivid ways.

You can join via DM .art 🧡

VERNISSAGE • THIS FRIDAY • 28th OCT7PM • on show until NOV 4th“Nina Kouklaki’s Strawberry Feet aims to challenge the vie...

7PM • on show until NOV 4th

“Nina Kouklaki’s Strawberry Feet aims to challenge the viewer to participate in the artworks not physically but emotionally by being in the position of the vo**ur. However, it is relevant that the representative artworks depict the artist herself as by acknowledging this, the paintings could be seen more as exhibitionistic than vo**uristic.

The repeating expression of the artist’s face in different concepts manipulates the viewer to feel like they are viewing a show. Nina Kouklaki’s expression is manifested in her abstract backgrounds and almost doll-like plastic legs with a contrast between the skin and the emerging background colour. In her effort to paint the body taking as much space as possible on the canvas, she intentionally cuts parts of the body. 

Nina’s self-portraits intend to provoke a confusion to the viewer as to wonder if they show hidden and intimate sides of herself or if they are just ironic, funny, pretending. The reveal of Nina’s presence, means to exhibit intimate, autobiographical moments in order to depict a reality or a show.”

Nina Kouklakis]] Nina Kouklakis]] Nina Kouklakis]]

See you there xx

TOMORROW • 21st OCT • 7PM.magazin RELEASE PARTY“We are celebrating the release of HECKMAG's latest print magazine issue ...


“We are celebrating the release of HECKMAG's latest print magazine issue "Unter die Haut"!
Come by for some readings by

and some cute tattoos by
.stiches.for.snitches 🐉

as well as some marvellous collages that were created in collaboration with

.magazin is a indie cultural magazine based in Berlin, combining journalistic and academic approaches with creative writing and visual media.”

Free entry / donations welcome 🌷

THIS FRIDAY ** DAADA EP RELEASEfriday, october 8thdoors 7pm • start 8pmDaada]] Daada]] Daada]] bass  supported by  “Daad...


friday, october 8th
doors 7pm • start 8pm

Daada]] Daada]] Daada]]

supported by

“Daada unveils a self-titled debut EP, a collection of songs written over vastly different times and spaces, from Bogota to Berlin, culminating in a German-Colombian-Tanzanian coming-of-age story. Delicate threads of pop and indie fuse with soulful singer-songwriting in Spanglish to weave the intimate, stripped-down set that awaits.”

entry on donation*

We’re looking forward to listening to cozy sounds and yeeees, bring ur friends!! CUfridayy


***TOMORROW SEPT 30TH***❗️Hera Exhibition + Party❗️   We are celebrating the Hera Streetzines parallel with the Hera Zin...

❗️Hera Exhibition + Party❗️

We are celebrating the Hera Streetzines parallel with the Hera Zines. Each Hera Streetzine + Zine share artworks related to certain topics which were all created and combined during Hera Creative Workshops!

Come check it out this Friday at / Friedelstraße 8, 12047
6 pm —— 9 pm

+++ Party +++
Hera & Flinta* friends at
/ Reuterstraße 95, 12053
10 pm —— 4 pm

Flinta* only 🌈
On the tables -

+ live performance from

TOMORROW • 7PM • FUNDRAISER ART AUCTION AND BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONWe’re gonna open our doors to celebrate our 15th birthda...


We’re gonna open our doors to celebrate our 15th birthday in beautiful Reutherkiez in Neukölln! Yeah!

The community has collected a few artworks we’re gonna show and auction — for you to take them home with you, of you’re lucky!

.hurst is gonna be our wonderful host of the night and we’re more than happy to be supported by him!

But heck! ORi wouldn’t be what it is without all of you!!! So we’re inviting every single one of you to spend this night together!

We have already received many generous donations on our gofundme campaign (link in our bio) and we’ll be thankful forever. But this is still not enough, so we’re hoping for even more support on saving our beloved project room, art gallery, atelier and of course — our home.

After the pandemic it hasn’t been easy for us, so we can just survive if we all get together and show some love for one of the last spaces in neukölln that are like ORi.

Everyone is putting their efforts into ORi completely on a volunteer base, giving so many people a platform along the way. To gather, exchange thoughts, talk about art, film, social and political subjects, being a hub for everyone who’s interested.

ORi needs you! And we’re so excited to grow and evolve together, not giving up on this dream!

Entry is free, doors open at 7PM and the auction starts at 9PM

We’re excited to see you. Bring friends, lovers, colleagues, dates, family and neighbors!

forever — the ORi CREW

THIS SATURDAY • SEPT24TH • 4PMSELF/PORTRAIT workshop Vol1 by .art // .berlin „The Workshop „self/portrait“, which happen...

SELF/PORTRAIT workshop Vol1
by .art // .berlin

„The Workshop „self/portrait“, which happened last month at ORi, is now evolving to a workshop series, exploring ways to reflect oneself through art.

In „self/portrait“ we want to get closer to a portrait, which shows our inner self rather than how we look. For that, art will be used in experimental ways in order to get a bold reflection of your inner self. That’s why academically approaches to art techniques become irrelevant.

Last time we got into reflection processes through the techniques of visualization, blind drawing, working with clay and other materials. For the upcoming and further workshops we will use more and different artistic and art-therapeutic methods to explore the deep width of self-expression and find new forms of portraying.

By that, self-portraits emerge, abstract and vivid, and in a coded way understandable.
Anyone can participate, no specific artistic or other experience is necessary.

You can join for one workshop session or become part of the self/portrait-group 🪞💙“


And please consider supporting ORi by making a donation on our gofundme campaign ! LINK IN OUR BIO

We love you

+++OPEN CALL+AND+CHARITY ART AUCTION+++ORi BIRTHDAY SEPTEMBER 22ND⭐️ Have you ever had an exhibition at ORi? Ever played...


⭐️ Have you ever had an exhibition at ORi? Ever played a concert at ORi? Have you ever hung out at ORi and enjoyed an evening with your friends? Ever realised an event or organized a party with us? Have you ever run or attended a workshop at ORi? Ever been part of our collective? ⭐️

This is a moment where we‘re asking for YOUR HELP! Read below to learn how to support us:

„ORi is an arts and culture hotspot located in the heart of Neukölln, run by a collective of the same name that has been in operation for almost 15 years. Operating out of the premises of a former laundromat, ORi has endured waves of gentrification and now stands as one of the last oases left for grassroots creativity in the neighbourhood, and a safe space for diverse forms of expression that has touched the hearts of hundreds of people from around the world over the years.

Skyrocketing rents, energy prices, and other living costs make the need for this sort of space — a place for emerging artists, designers, and musicians to flourish — even more evident. Nobody wants to see ORi replaced by yet another soulless place that would charge you for tap water.

But the way things are going, ORi might not make it past its 15th birthday.

So, after over a decade of being a hub for exhibitions, performances, volunteering efforts, workshops, and more, ORi is asking for your help. While the government provided a small amount of support during the pandemic, the lockdown delivered a hard blow to the collective’s finances, which, coupled with friction with the neighbours, leaves ORi’s future in limbo.

Our goal of €3,500 will be used to pay off debts from the pandemic so that we can keep the space, and some much needed renovations!

***continued in comments***

TODAY • SEPT17TH • 7PM ***LOTO ALBUM RELEASE***☁️ Our dearest friend  will be releasing his album tomorrow and is inviti...


☁️ Our dearest friend will be releasing his album tomorrow and is inviting all of us for a super sweet realease concert TONIGHT in cozyness and soft light.

☁️ Bringing his soulful and self produced tunes, we’re super excited to listen what he’s been cooking. And we’re more than happy to spend time and boogie with all of you!!

☁️ Bring your friends and a smile, tonight will be sweet 🫧

••• supported by •••
⭐️We MULAN and Leon Oranian are thankful to serve you our freshly cooked tunes next Saturday. A mixture of Latin-Jazz and RnB will provide you a wonderful start/ opener for the release concert of LOTOs first album.

⭐️MULAN () usually is active as a singer, songwriter and co - producer in the Music Duo INTUITION ()

⭐️Leon Oranian () musician and writer, you can find him active as a bass player in the band Prismala ()

⭐️We are more than excited to share with you Saturday evening magic!

Entry fee on the door 🦋
XX and see you later 🦋

this friday **** september 9thhh••• Rosa Landers presents Tutu Amuse’s DEBUT ALBUM •••“Two Berliner multi-instrumentalis...

this friday **** september 9thhh

••• Rosa Landers presents Tutu Amuse’s DEBUT ALBUM •••

“Two Berliner multi-instrumentalists, a so-called man and woman, were tied together by the year 2020 as if this new chronology had put a belt of music & curiosity around them. Janek & Rosa fused together as Tutu Amuse. 10 songs were born in a dirty Marzahn block house, drizzled over by lyrics that are solely extracted from the SMS exchange of their first crowned summer. Gusts of kinky Jazz, Kraut duets, Afro grooves, psychedelic elements & singer songwriter soul disperses over the soundscape of their debut album "two to amuse".

This Friday, Rosa is guiding a stripped-down cosy set to celebrate the release .”

𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔 𝚢𝚘𝚞 to

𝚍𝚘𝚞𝚋𝚕𝚎 𝚋𝚊𝚜𝚜

𝚟𝚒𝚜𝚞𝚊𝚕 𝚜𝚞𝚙𝚙𝚘𝚛𝚝 .secio

Entry on donation
Excited to see you friday!


VERNISSAGE • ‘WET IS UGLY’ •  THIS THURSDAY • SEP 8TH from 7PM • show up until SEPT 26TH“WET IS UGLY is a reflection on ...


from 7PM • show up until SEPT 26TH

“WET IS UGLY is a reflection on identity. It combines poetry and painting to create a verbal and visual discussion around gender, mental health and change.”

bring ur friends, we’re excited to see you! xx

THIS FRIDAY • AUG26 • XADES RECORD RELEASE doors 6.30pm • start 7.30pm“Kommerz Records invites to celebrate the release ...


doors 6.30pm • start 7.30pm

“Kommerz Records invites to celebrate the release of singer Xades’ debut project „Shaded“ – live in concert at Ori in Neukölln. Xades (pronounced ‚shades‘) is the newest creation of the DJ and curator known mostly under MSJY. Whilst MSJY’s DJ sets are known for their heavy bass drip and bouncy rhythmic darkness, Xades explores her voice and songwriting, serving a vulnerable exploration that transitions smoothly from dub and downtempo electronica to contemporary R&B.”

Free Entry

Happy to see you there XX

***TOMORROW 20/8 •  CONCERT***Doors 6PM • Start 7PMentry fee/donation 10e“Get ready for a very different jazz night! Son...


Doors 6PM • Start 7PM
entry fee/donation 10e

“Get ready for a very different jazz night! Son de Color is a modern / latin / fusion trio that will defo make you dance. Electronic percussions are the thriving beat to a groovy double bass, a melodic piano and a jazzy violin. Classic latin rythms like bossa, bolero, rumba, samba & co. are reinvented by those three girls and acompanied by harmonic voice games. Perfect to enjoy with a drink and/or dance your ass off. Don‘t miss it!”


Looking forward to see you there 🤍

TONIGHT • 7PM • CHARITY ART AUCTIONhosted by .hurst for  A message from Chris:„Hey Fire folx humans, I’m putting on a ch...

hosted by .hurst for

A message from Chris:

„Hey Fire folx humans, I’m putting on a charity art auction, would be great to see some of you there.

Charity Auction for Berlin to Borders
19th of August, 7 pm - 10 pm
Ori, Friedelstrasse 8, Berlin

As some of you may know my birthday is drawing near. This year instead of engaging in usual hedonism I want to invite you to a charity event for Berlin to Borders.

Berlin to Borders are a bunch of amazing people organising aid, donations and transport for Ukrainian refugees, I spent a bit of time working with them earlier this year and they are good humans.

On 19th of August we will celebrate and auction paintings, drawings and other creative stuff by myself and bunch of other great artists.

How can you get involved?

- Come to the party and the auction! It will be a vibrant evening and my debut as an auctioneer which guarantees at least a comedic element.

- Buy a unique artwork at the auction:
Let’s be honest - it’s a win-win. You get your money’s worth, have something cool to hang over the couch and help people in need!

Silent auction: all night of the show 7 pm - 10pm
Live auction: starting 9 pm

(Donations will only be accepted via direct PayPal payment to Berlin to borders. No cash👌🏼)“

We‘ll see you there, lot‘s of love


Friedelstraße 8


Donnerstag 20:00 - 03:00
Freitag 20:00 - 03:00
Samstag 20:00 - 03:00


Lassen Sie sich von uns eine E-Mail senden und seien Sie der erste der Neuigkeiten und Aktionen von ORi erfährt. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht für andere Zwecke verwendet und Sie können sich jederzeit abmelden.

Service Kontaktieren

Nachricht an ORi senden:


Kunst & Unterhaltung in der Nähe

Andere Kunst und Unterhaltung in Berlin

Alles Anzeigen


Stoked to join Henry Weekes' 3rd Soft Awakenings gathering at ORi tomorrow!
See you there, details below:

“Soft Awakenings is a night of spontaneous musical story telling presented through live motivic development and improvisation. The ensemble, made up of musicians and artists from a variety of musical backgrounds, will aim to create unique musical moments reflected the warm energy of Ori. Communication and community and central themes to the evening, with the audience encouraged to be present and contribute to the collective music making.

Soft Awakenings Vol.3 will explore the idea of houses and homes, both conscious and sub-conscious, and the intimacies that can be stored within them. The way we talk about our houses and where we call home are nuanced variations of narrative that reflective bigger differences in our emotional experiences. Particularly in Berlin, which is often a transient city for many, these narratives can lead to a deeper understanding of the human experience. The performance will be built upon voice notes of household instruments which explore the ideas of house and home in a city where these things can often be so hard to find.”

The night will also include a solo harp set from Andy Aquarius

The ensemble is made up of:

Henry Weekes - saxophone
Davide Provenzano - trumpet
Andy Aquarius - harp
Gabor Hartyáni - cello
Lewis D-T - samples/electronics

Event - €10
8PM onwards
Tipp für das Wochenende! ✌✌
Trotz der Hitze bekommen die Seen und Strände an diesem Wochenende starke Konkurrenz durch das Festival 48 Stunden Neukölln. Unter den mehr als 600 teilnehmenden Künstlern wird es viele polnische 🇵🇱 Akzente geben, auf die wir euch gerne aufmerksam machen möchten:

👉 Joanna Chwiłkowska / Come fly with me! / -Kunstmatrix-
👉 Miko Brykalski / Künstleratelier Hermannstr. 21
👉 Ewelina Makosa / "when we used to have fun" / Lite-haus Galerie + Projektraum
👉 Zuzanna Czajkowska & Kacper Wereski / Es könnte nur ein Traum sein / Atelier Kienitzer Str. 98
👉 Maria Kossak / Es liegt in der Luft - zu Beginn dieser neuen Dekade / Rathaus Neukölln
👉 Malgorzata Palczewska / Malgorzata Palczewska On Air / virtuell
👉 Kazik Pogoda / Luminiferous Aether / ORi
👉 Grazyna Reiche / Zyklus "Atem der Liebe" / virtuell

Volles Programm 👉
Video promocional!!
Amigos estas son mis próximas actuaciones en Berlin:

-Donnerstag 17 October 21hs mit Karl Espegard (violín)
Milonguera de Ley - October
Gerichtstrasse 23

- Freitag 18. October um 20 Uhr in Ori Bar Berlin (Friedelstraße 8, Berlin) mit Nicolás Velazquez (Bandoneón) ORi
- Donnerstag 07. November um 20 Uhr in Zimmer 16 (Florastraße 16, Berlin) Zimmer 16
- Donnerstag 14. November um 20 Uhr in Art Stalker (Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße 67, Berlin)

- Samstag 23. November um 20 Uhr in Offenes Wohnzimmer (Waldenserstraße 13, Berlín) Offenes Wohnzimmer - Kostheimer Kultur- und Nachbarschaftsladen e.V.

Los espero!

Amigos, este es el primer video de "Sesiones en casa" aquí voy a subir y compartir mucho material. En este caso les dejo una melodía titulada Cosquillas, espero que les guste y de paso les cuento que se viene la primera fecha solista en Berlín (viernes 18 de octubre 20hs)
En ORi
Friedelstraße 8, 12047 Berlin
Saludos y muchas gracias😃😃
Video:Tamara Pawluk😍
Abschlussveranstaltung „Ausblick und Perspektive für den Weserkiez“

Donnerstag, 26 September im Foyer der Quartiershalle auf dem Campus Rütli

In der Veranstaltungsreihe von MIKUB e.V. wurden die Veränderungen der letzten 30 Jahre im Weser- / Reuterkiez zu unterschiedlichen Themen (darunter Bildung, Wohnen, Sport etc...) diskutiert. Alle Gäste und ehemaligen Referent*innen sind zum Abschluss eingeladen sich gemeinsam mit einer Kollegin des Elele Nachbarschaftszentrum auszutauschen. In der Diskussionsreihe arbeitet MIKUB e.V. eng mit dem Projektraum ORi zusammen.
Hallo liebe Freund*Innen der !

Und ein letztes mal rufen wir euch zum PLASA - Platz für solidarisches und alternatives Schaffen 3.0 im Jugendclub Linse Berlin - Denn in einer Woche (am 9.6.) ist es endlich wieder soweit.

Schaut doch auch ihr dieses Jahr vorbei und tauscht eure 5 - 10 schönsten Kleidungsstücke mit uns - Wir freuen uns auf euch
Sehr geehrte Teilnehmende der Sprachwoche 2019 !

Ab Samstag ist es soweit: Die bundesweite Woche der Sprache und des Lesens geht los!

Vorab vielen Dank für Ihr / Euer persönliches und gemeinschaftliches Engagement, das es ermöglicht, dieses große Festival stattfinden zu lassen.

Damit die Sprachwoche nicht spurenlos an uns, Ihnen, Euch und den Besucher*innen vorbeigeht, werden wir eine Dokumentation der Veranstaltungen anfertigen. Da es uns nicht möglich ist, überall persönlich zu erscheinen, sind wir auf Ihre/Eure Hilfe angewiesen.

Es wäre toll, wenn Sie/Ihr Ihre/Eure Veranstaltungen in irgendeiner Form (Fotos, Videoaufnahmen, Interviews) festhalten könnten, um uns mit dem Material für die Dokumentation zu versorgen. Außerdem freuen wir uns über kleine und große aussagekräftige Berichte, denn ohne Frage wird es viel zu berichten geben.

Nach Fertigstellung lassen wir allen Veranstalter*innen eine Dokumentation digital und falls erwünscht auch gedruckt als Heft zukommen.
Wir wünschen in dem Sinne allen einen guten Start, viele Besucher*innen und viel Erfolg! Verein zur Förderung der Britzer WeinKultur e. V. Rudower Heimatverein e.V. Leporello Buchhandlung in Berlin-Rudow ORi 44 Cool Girls Ahoj Souvenirmanufaktur Touristinformation Neukölln AWO Berlin Kreisverband Südost e.V. Strassen Bühne Neukölln Rixbox Espresso & Food Bündnis Neukölln Susanna Kahlefeld diemarktplaner Popráci Galerie im Körnerpark Neuköllner Maientage SozDia Stiftung Berlin Lange Buchnacht in der Oranienstraße Berliner Büchertisch STATTbereich Silbernetz Dagmar Grahl ARTbook Balance City Lab Berlin - Norwich University Gleim-Oase Nette Ecke KulturMarktHalle SprachCafé Polnisch e.V. - Polska Kafejka Językowa Zittau2025 - Kulturherzstadt im Dreiländereck Globe Berlin Philipp-Schaeffer-Bibliothek Das Schriftstellerhaus/phase1 Moabiter Ratschlag e.V. Zur Kleinen Moldau Stadtbibliothek Berlin-Mitte Anna-Seghers Bibliothek Familienförderzentrum Panke-Haus Familienzentrum Moabit Ost Stadtbibliothek Berlin-Mitte Guttempler in Berlin und Brandenburg Ernst-Abbe-Gymnasium Berlin Cafe Linus Kulturhaus Schwartzsche Villa Egon-Erwin-Kisch-Bibliothek Helene-Nathan Bibliothek Schiller-Bibliothek Bruno-Lösche-Bibliothek Elele Nachbarschaftszentrum NetBil gemeinnützige GmbH - Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum Fritz Felgentreu
Hallo liebe Freunde der ! Wir hoffen, euch geht es gut und ihr habt eine tolle Zeit Kleidungsstücke tauschen/spenden, Vegane Küfa & Kuchen essen, Vernissage der Nachhaltigkeit & PLASA-Infostand besuchen sowie Live-Musik anhören oder einfach mit uns die Sonne und Atmosphäre genießen!

Gemeinsam ist alles möglich:
"Du machst zwei Schritte auf die Utopie zu und sie geht zwei zurück. Du gehst 10 Schritte auf sie zu und sie geht 10 zurück. Denn dafür ist die Utopie gemacht - sie animiert dich weiter zu gehen als jemals zuvor!"

PLASA - Platz für solidarisches und alternatives Schaffen
Hallo liebe Freund*Innen der .

Noch ein paar Tage und die Flyer zur Veranstaltung sind da. Dann kann es auch schon bald losgehen mit unserem kleinen PLASA - Platz für solidarisches und alternatives Schaffen -Kiezspaziergang durch Lichtenberg und Friedrichshain.

Nur noch ein Monat, dann beginnt die Tauscherei!!!

Wir freuen uns wahnsinnig euch ein drittes Mal begrüßen zu dürfen
Berlin dates in February

Friday, 8th - 19h - Fee Reega en Bartleby & co.!
Saturday, 9th - 20 h - Fee Reega Solo Show BLO-Ateliers
Friday 15th - 19h - Fee Reega Acoustic @ ORi
ZWISCHEN ZÓCALO UND BAHNHOF ZOO: Lesung und Gespräch mit Esther Andradi und Natascha Gangl
Moderation: Christiane Quandt (Alba Lateinamerika lesen)
13.12.2018 20:00 Uhr
ORi, Friedeltrasse 8, 12047 Berlin Neukölln.
Este 7 de diciembre Pop up-Poesie en ORi
Lesung und Präsentation von "030 Berlin" von Elsye Suquilanda und "extra muros. poemas públicos" von Timo Berger

Lxs esperamos con abrazos gigantes!

info del evento:

Andere Kunst und Unterhaltung in Berlin (alles anzeigen)

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