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OECUS Podcast 204 // Sekulahr

Istanbul based DJ/producer and one of the co-founders of Vast Perception collective who has been performing in the techno since 2017. His performances are focused on building dense industrial atmospheres blended with offbeat elements and powerful low ends.

Artwork: Ava Krohn


Out now the "Two Hundred-Three" podcast of our beloved serie! Today with guest: IDA

A Techno, Breaks, Electro, Trance and 'everything else in between' enthusiast, it's impossible to pinpoint IDA to any single sound - her taste transcends across just about every mood you can think of. She's a versatile, charismatic and consistent performer that takes heed from all genres yet has managed to hone a style that is distinctly her own, making her a worthy addition to any lineup. Combine this with the fact IDA has the knack to really energise and move a crowd, it's no surprise that she's frequently invited back to the clubs and festivals she plays at.

Enjoy! ✨

Artwork: Ava Krohn


"Two-Hundred-Two" episode of OECUS Podcast serie. Today we welcome: ORBE

Under the imprint Orbe records, ORBE has cultivated his own thriving techno community as artist and label head. As DJ and producer he keeps the mood surreal and dreamy while deploying understated drum machine patterns to hammer the platonic solids that keep his beloved community in tact.

Next Podcast: IDA
Artwork: Ava Krohn


We continue with the "Two-Hundred-One" OECUS Podcast. Today with guest: Dustmite

Brooklyn-born, Berlin-based artist and the founder of Supervoid Records, his sound is informed by decades' worth of experience in the scene, from warehouse parties in NYC, DIY midwest raves, to Berlin’s current club landscape.

Next Podcast: ORBE
Artwork: Ava Krohn


OCSDGTL002 | VA, is out today on Bandcamp!
The revenues will be donated to a charity that supports work and education on gender equality and if you buy today, Bandcamp will be waving also their revenues in support of NAACP.

Check out the snippets on SoundCloud and support the release here: https://bit.ly/3fDdixH

Featuring: Alderaan, SLV, Monovsn, Öspiel, 𝖋𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖈𝖎𝖊
Master: Dadub Mastering Studio
Graphic: Ava Krohn


An honour for us to share with you our Two-Hundred "OECUS Podcast". This show with guest: Amotik

Over the past years Amotik has steadily built up a base in the city that significantly inspired him, Berlin. He released several influential EPs on his own label, followed by his debut album Vistār, where he showcased his versatility as an artist, combining elements of ambient, broken beats and textured soundscapes with foundations firmly rooted in techno.

Artwork: Ava Krohn
Next Podcast: Dustmite

OCSDGTL002 | VA, by Various Artist

Time to announce our next release! "OCSDGTL002 VA".
Featuring five different artists from the roster, each with their own individual vision of the genre. A compilation full of surprises and thundering soundscapes!

The revenues of the release will be donated to an organisation that supports work and education on gender equality. https://promundoglobal.org/work/

Check the preorder on Bandcamp!

Release date: 19th June 2020
Master: Dadub Mastering Studio
Artwork: Ava Krohn

5 track album


Out now the Hundred-Ninety-Nine "OECUS Podcast".
This show with guest: CYB

CYB is an Italian drummer, producer and dj based in Amsterdam.
Label Head of Immaterial.Archives

Artwork: Ava Krohn
Next one: 200th podcast special guest!

© Ava Krohn 2019

© Ava Krohn 2019


Out now the Hundred-Ninety-Eight "OECUS Podcast".
This show with guest: Flavia Laus

"Dirty drums meets hypnotic patterns in fast paced rhythm which encapsulates true rave atmosphere and ecstatic freedom."

Artwork: Ava Krohn
Next one: CYB



Tonight on our page at 20:00 CET, Soma Records presents SLV Live streaming via Be-At TV ! ☄️☄️☄️In collaboration with:Ma...

Tonight on our page at 20:00 CET, Soma Records presents SLV Live streaming via Be-At TV ! ☄️☄️☄️

In collaboration with:
Mantra Club - Acid Techno Techno Club - With Love - Modular Expansion - Intimate Silence - Sound Department Ascolti - Pls.Uk - Unlocked - Pressure - Slam - Uncode.


OECUS Podcast 197 // Brothers Black

Owners of the Brothers Black imprint and co-founders of London based Bade Records. Residing half in London and Berlin, they’ve played regularly at local institutions like Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL), Fabric London and Griessmuehle, as well as other European cities, alongside some of the most exciting names in techno. Their sound is heavily inspired by these cities’ progressive mentalities, freedoms, and histories and of dance music, resulting in a groove-laced, driving sound that draws from a range of rich influences.

Artwork: Ava Krohn
Next one: Flavia Laus

Today we received the sad news that one of our artists has adopted a discriminatory behave on social media. We as an und...

Today we received the sad news that
one of our artists has adopted a discriminatory behave on social media.

We as an underground collective based on values like diversity and equality, absolutely stand against any kind of discrimination and we consider this as a matter of fact unacceptable.

Therefore, we will take drastical measures
in regards of this artist and temporarily exclude them from any of our future projects
as we believe something like this needs time
and full introspection to be correctly processed.

Just taking measures is not enough and
we will sensitize now even more on this topic
with an upcoming project because we believe in transforming negative energies into positive ones.

With love,


OECUS Podcast 196 // DJ Saint Pierre

Deejay and producer based in Rouen, France. He signed several EP and remixes on different international labels like Illegal Alien Records and Vector Functions Records.

Artwork: Ava Krohn
Next one: Zanias


OECUS Podcast 195 // Raär

Welcome to our podcast series Raär, the owner or Vaerel Records. Offering up a medley of choked out drums, heart soaked vocals, grumbling bass lines, and crisp hats, Raär’s music proves to be some of the most intimate and thought provoking in the modern day techno scene.

Artwork: Ava Krohn


OECUS Podcast 194 // Volster

Over the past few years, somewhat mysteriously, Volster has gradually become one of the most noted fresh figures of the Croatian electronic scene, leaving his signature through production, DJing, organizing the event TRAUM, running his own label Secession. For sure his appearance at Berghain / Panorama Bar last September is one of the biggest highlights of his career.

Artwork: Ava Krohn


OECUS Podcast 193 // Nicole

Nicole is a Batumi, Georgia born artist and producer. Her style is impossible to put in a frame, since Nicole is always following the energy of the dance floor: she equally enjoys old-school acid techno and intelligent minimal sound.
After performing for the Boiler Room in The famous club BASSIANI during the political raves in Georgia, Nicole has been referred to as of the leading Djs & producers in Georgia releasing recently a solo Ep on Marco Shuttle's Eerie records.

Next Podcast: Volster
Artwork: Ava Krohn


OECUS Podcast 192 // Kmyle

Kmyle, hardened machinist who spreads all his energy during his live performances and dj sets made especially for the dancefloor in the best clubs and festivals around the world. Appreciated by Laurent Garnier and the techno scene, the young french producer’s creative output has been most prolific with an extensive amount of releases on labels such as Mord Records, ᴄʟᴇʀɢʏ, ARTS, Skryptöm and soon on his own label.

Next Podcast: Nicole
Artwork: Ava Krohn


OECUS Podcast 191 // The Lady Machine

One half of Unterwegs. Resident DJ at Pornceptual. Berlin based, Rio de Janeiro born. Based on a more complex structure of rhythms with dark underground lines of synths and textures, The Lady-Machine incorporates the spirit of the twenty first century Techno.

Next Podcast: Kmyle
Artwork: Ava Krohn


OECUS Podcast 190 // Charlton recorded live last February in London at FOLD X Mord Records.

Charlton was born in 1982 in Rotterdam. At the age of 17 he began chasing the early rave parties which were happening all over Holland and around 1999 his love for electronic music turned into an obsession and he started DJing. Charlton's tracks have been released on labels such as Mord, M_Rec, Field Records, Audio Assault, Arms, Labrynth, Aftertaste and Pohjola.

Next Podcast: The Lady Machine
Artwork: Ava Krohn


OECUS Podcast 189 // Decka

Decka makes sound that journeys through bare-bones techno and bass, crafting hypnotic polyrhythmic patterns. Grown up in Bristol, Decka's music reflects a unique, hybrid cross between UK and EU techno. His music, found on Darwin's SPE:C imprint and more recently his own imprint: Unterwegs, has gained the support of many artists around the globe.

Next Podcast: Charlton
Artwork: Ava Krohn

From today you can find the OECUS bundle on our Bandcamp. This pack includes our merchandise (t-shirt and tote bag) + vi...
OECUS Bundle from OECUS

From today you can find the OECUS bundle on our Bandcamp.

This pack includes our merchandise (t-shirt and tote bag) + vinyl (OCS001) + the download of our latest digital release for a very special deal. It would help to support us, as a collective to get through this tough period.

Thanks in advance!

OECUS Bundle from OECUS

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we had to cancel and postpone our "5 Years Anniversary" on the 11th of April at ://about ...

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we had to cancel and postpone our "5 Years Anniversary" on the 11th of April at ://about blank. We were ready and excited to announce the amazing lineup that we worked out these months but obviously we have to stand for the better and protect ourselves and the people around us. We now need more than ever to fight as the wholesome community that we are and as soon as this situation will be over we will be able again to enjoy our beloved events.


OECUS Podcast 188 // Blenk

Valentin has been noticed for his dedication and distinctive style, combining old school productions and DJ tools with a modern approach. He has released two EPs on Dustin Zahn's excellent Enemy Records label, with support from the likes of DVS1, Joel Mull, Rene Wise and many others.

Next Podcast: Decka
Artwork: Ava Krohn


OECUS Podcast 187 // Kwartz

Kwartz is the stage name of Mario Campos, born in Madrid and now based in Berlin. In late 2013 Kwartz joined Pole Group and became part of the booking roster of the label commanded by Oscar Mulero (oficial), where he began to release his works regularly. In addition to PoleGroup, his tracks have appeared in several of the most important international labels, such as 47, Mord Records, Semantica Records, Horo and more.

Next Podcast: Blenk
Artwork: Ava Krohn


OECUS Podcast 186 // Mattia Trani

Mattia Trani is considered one of the most talented young artists of the techno music landscape of recent years, both Italian and European.

In 2012, by founding his own label Pushmaster Discs, Mattia manages to score important collaborations with international artists like Ben Sims, Juan Atkins, DJ Hyperactive, Rolando, Skudge, DJ Stingray, Jeroen Search and many others.

Today his platform represents a small “musical universe” and his work is supported by many American music heroes like Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and Derrick May, but also European artists like Laurent Garnier and Ben Klock.

Next Podcast: Kwartz
Artwork: Ava Krohn


OECUS Podcast 185 // ROKS

Let's welcome to our podcast serie one of the resident dj's of Monasterio, Moscow⚡

Next Podcast: Mattia Trani
Artwork: Ava Krohn

OCSDGTL001 | VA, by Various Artists

Our new VA - OCSDGTL001 is out now on every main digital music stores! ☄️☄️☄️
Including tracks from Monovsn, Killawatt, Lawrence Kurt, Giordano, ASEC. Check out the release on our Bandcamp!

Mastering: Dadub Mastering Studio
Artwork: Ava Krohn

5 track album


OECUS Podcast 184 // Shaleen

Shaleen has become a part of SEELEN. crew recently;
Her first Remix on SEELEN.'s record-label is already dropped and her first EP, also as a vinyl-only, will be out soon. Earlier she invented SURD event-series, which is now going to turn into a record label as well.
Surd's credo is based on the fundamental ideas of open-mindedness, creativity, progressiveness
and some real passion for music.

Next Podcast: ROKS
Artwork: Ava Krohn

Previews of our first digital catalogue "OCSDGTL001" curated by Monovsn, Killawatt, Lawrence Kurt, Giordano, ASEC are no...

Previews of our first digital catalogue "OCSDGTL001" curated by Monovsn, Killawatt, Lawrence Kurt, Giordano, ASEC are now on SoundCloud! Release date February 13th on Bandcamp and main digital stores! Check it out! 💥🧨

SC: https://soundcloud.com/oecusmusic/ocsdgtl001-va

Graphic: Ava Krohn | Master: Dadub Mastering Studio

💥💥💥ANNOUNCEMENT💥💥💥We close January welcoming once again a fresh talented artist in OECUS Artist & Booking Management age...


We close January welcoming once again a fresh talented artist in OECUS Artist & Booking Management agency!

The Meaning Of Rave label mama – Veronique has a very versatile taste in music, often constructing distinct and strong kicks with old-school, trancy, industrial sounds and emotional melodies. Her catchy-eclectic mix of hard techno and wild acid lines comes with a massive rave factor in her sets.

For worldwide inquiries: [email protected]
Full roster: https://oecusmusic.com/#artists


OECUS Podcast 183 // MELANIA .

Melania, polish artist based in Berlin is part of [aufnahme + wiedergabe] family, her tracks have been released so far on Instruments of Discipline, Θʀ⊿cu⌊⊕ ʀ⋵cøʀɖs and Subsist records. Just to name a few.

Her eclectic sets are mostly based on energetic Industrial, Techno, EBM, Rhytmic Noise, Rave, Wave etc. Her selection is completely focused on her feeling, thereby it stays beyond limitations to a specific genre.

Next Podcast: Shaleen
Artwork: Ava Krohn


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