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dr. julius | ap drj art projects (2008–2019 dr. julius | ap) displays contemporary conceptual minimal concrete art + architecture exclusively in Berlin. Matthias Seidel [DE] - Gallery Owner, Architect, Exhibition-Maker, Curator Christiane Bail [DE] - Managing gallery director Artists of the 2015 programme · Anna-Maria Bogner [AT] · Monika Brandmeier [DE] · Riki Mijling [NL] · Astrid Schindler [DE] · Esther Stocker [IT] · Denise Winter [DE] · Annett Zinsmeister [DE] · Douglas Allsop [GB] · Carlo Battisti [IT] · Stephan Ehrenhofer [AT] · Daniel Göttin [CH] · Siegfried Kreitner [DE] · Ray Malone [GB] · Julius Stahl [DE] Permanently featured: · Anette Haas [DE] · José Heerkens [NL] · Regine Schumann [DE] · Susan York [US] · Wolfgang Berndt [DE] · Hartmut Böhm [DE] · Matthew Deleget [US] · Ewerdt Hilgemann [DE/NL] · Gilbert Hsiao [US] · Don Voisine [US] · Jan Maarten Voskuil [NL] · Peter Weber [DE] Additional artists, shown previously [since 2008]: 2014 · Sabine Laidig [DE] · Magnus Sönning [DE] · Maik Teriete [DE] 2013 · Hellmut Bruch [AT] · Gerhard Frömel [AT] · Hans Jörg Glattfelder [CH] · Andrea Maria Krenn [DE] · David Rabinowitch [CA] · Burchard Vossmann [DE] 2012 · Sabine Laidig [DE] · Tim Stapel [DE]] · Edgar Diehl [DE] · Hopkins Architects [GB] FutureShock OneTwo · Michael Graeve [AU] · Marco Grassi [IT] · Károly Keserü [HU] · Josef Linschinger [AT] · David Rhodes [GB] · Giles Ryder [AU] · Maik Teriete [DE] · Wolfram Ullrich [DE] · Carles Valverde [ES] · Henriëtte van ’t Hoog [NL] · Guido Winkler [NL] voraus / ahead: automatisch ungerecht · Patxi Bergé [FR] · Julia Boswank [DE] · Lisbeth Daecke [DE] · Jakob Flohe [DE] · Daniela Gaete Fontirroig [CL] · Olga Grigorjewa [UA] · Laura Hoffmann [DE] · Konstantin Kunath [DE] · Juliane Schmidt [DE] · Andreas Schliebenow [DE] · Maria Schwerdtner [DE] · Magnus Sönning [DE] 2011 · Anna Tweeddale [AU] · Javier Callejas [ES] · John Aslanidis [AU] · Brian May [GB] · Ingrid Cerny [AT] · László Ottó [HU] voraus / ahead: III · Gonseok Ryu [KR] · Fiene Scharp [DE] · Lidia Sigle [RU] 2010 · Gerhard Braun [DE] · Pierre Juillerat [CH] · Melitta Nemeth [HU] mehrfach _ multiple · Horst Bartnig [DE] 2009 · Michaela Hofmann-Göttlicher [AT] 2008 · Rainer Gollmer [DE] · Aleksej Mirnij [RU] stadt + kunst | cityscape · Gülden Artun [TR/DE] · XTH-Berlin [DE] · FMSW [DE]

Mission: The New Concrete + Architecture

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ULTRAVIOLETT REGINE SCHUMANN [DE] + JEONGMOON CHOI [KR] + GILBERT HSIAO [US]. Opening Thursday, November 30, 2017, 7–9 pm. Exhibition through February 10, 2018

dr. julius | apPAPER POSITIONSdr. julius | ap shows minimal-conceptual works on paper from the gallery’s programme at Pa...

dr. julius | ap

dr. julius | ap shows minimal-conceptual works on paper from the gallery’s programme at Paper Positions Berlin.

Apr 28th – 30th
Booth wall 03

This selection of works by six artists from different generations, countries, and backgrounds highlights the ways in which dr. julius | ap’s programme of contemporary conceptual minimal concrete art enriches the spectrum of contemporary art and shows off the variety, substantiality, and forward-looking quality of this aesthetic.

The following artists will be represented:

Hartmut Böhm [b. 1938 in Kassel] is one of the leading representatives of European minimal-concrete art and one of the most influential reductive artists of his generation. Böhm created his first system-based works in 1959. In April-May 1964, his works were part of the groundbreaking exhibition Nouvelle Tendance: Propositions visuelles du movement international at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. The exhibition introduced new movements such as op art, kinetic and concrete art, Zero, GRAV, Gruppo T and Gruppo N, and particularly highlighted works that conveyed concepts of motion through serial repetition.
The artist’s contribution to Paper Positions consists of a limited series of 35 variations on transparent millimeter graph paper, created in the 1990’s. The works reflect Böhm’s underlying interest in the inner workings of systems—in this case with grid size, colour, and overlap as parameters.

Esther Stocker [b. 1974 in Silandro/Schlanders, Italy] has long been concerned with grids—and with disruptions, variations, distortions, and interactions between grid structures. This interest soon expanded into the third dimension, and her many large-scale works, such as installations, murals, and art-in-architecture projects, have garnered her a name in the international art world.
A special group of works will be exhibited at Paper Positions, namely paper sculptures developed from the deformation of an ideal grid—through inversion, extrusion and overlapping. The artist creates sculptures from printed paper that are strikingly light and simultaneously possess a strong spatial presence that deny the material’s fragility. Whether hung from the wall or ceiling or free-standing, the visual physicality of these pieces combines atypically sculptural quality with a clearly traceable process of formation, thanks to the underlying grid pattern.

Carlo Battisti [b. 1945 in Viareggio, Tuscany, Italy] is a committed autodidact. Since the 1970’s he has been creating works in the field of minimalism and concrete art in close personal and aesthetic proximity to the current players and trends of the Italian art world, yet without definitely committing to or being co-opted by any particular school. Rather, he has consistently developed his broad interests, which range from sculpture and painting to object- and video art, printmaking, performances, and even installations, in an individualistic manner.
Battisti’s strong interest in literature inspired him to create the cycle La Biblioteca di Babele in 2007-8, which is based on an essay by Jorge Luis Borges. For this piece Battisti created a work on paper for each letter of the alphabet from the text of the essay, in most cases hand printed in 4-point font with metal type.
After showing this work for the first time outside Italy with dr. julius | ap in 2015, Battisti has added reinterpretations to this magnum opus, of which selected examples will be shown at Paper Positions for the first time.

Anette Haas [b. 1961 in Salzgitter] has engaged with the essential questions of painting by attempting to work with and develop the idiosyncrasies of discipline, and to go beyond its assumed limits. In addition to the intrinsic themes of colour and spectrum, surface and edge, technique and variation of execution, the materiality of painting is always central to Haas’s work.
Haas rigorously pursues these themes in her works on paper as well, painstakingly manually developing surfaces using coloured pencils and acrylics, thereby sensitively applying the formal repertoire of her painting practice, as well as her investigation of borders and sites of transition, to the special material qualities of paper.

Ray Malone [b. 1939 in Mtarfa, Malta] refers directly in his graphic works to concepts and categories from the realm of music, such as rhythm, composition, and choreography. In synthesis with his fundamental artistic questions—for example into rules of proportion or space in two-dimensions—his works display his personal approach to and engagement with these musical themes. In the process, Malone continually engages artistically, theoretically, and verbally with the peculiarities of the line. He writes, for example, “that a line has characteristics similar to a note,” which it is the artist’s task to make visible in all their singularity.
Malone’s graphic works thereby becomes a point of departure for a serious, concentrated engagement with drawing: with its rhythm and positioning, and the ways these create space on paper.

Anna-Maria Bogner [b. 1984 in Schwaz, Tyrol, Austria] has an artistic background in installed sculpture with a focus on the relationship between space and spatial perception. At the same time Bogner is always invested in ambiguity, as much in her three-dimensional installations and objects as in her drawings. At first glance, these latter appear to depict geometric spatial structures drawn according to the rules of one-point perspective, with boundaries defined by precise lines. Seen through an architectonic-analytic lens, however, they reveal shifted, doubled, or displaced vanishing points, and become virtual, unrealizable concepts.

edition ROTE INSEL

edition ROTE INSEL

dr. julius | ap artist's newsESTHER STOCKER + HARTMUT BÖHM atLINIE-GITTER-RAUMGroup exhibition from April 4 through 25, ...

dr. julius | ap artist's news


Group exhibition from April 4 through 25, 2017

Gumpendorferstrasse 55/Top 5
A-1060 Wien


dr. julius | ap artist's newsSTEPHAN EHRENHOFER at LANDESGALERIE BURGENLAND, Eisenstadt, [AT]art[dialog]Stephan Ehrenhof...
art[dialog] | Landesgalerie Burgenland

dr. julius | ap artist's news


Stephan Ehrenhofer | Franz Stefan Kohl

Opening Thursday, April 6, 2017, 6 pm
Exhibition through May 28, 2017


Landesgalerie Burgenland
Franz Schubert-Platz 6 | A-7000 Eisenstadt, Burgenland
T: +43 2682-719-5000

Franz Stefan Kohl lebt und arbeitet im Burgenland und in Wien. Seine Arbeiten sollen heuer im art[dialog] mit Werken von Stephan Ehrenhofer aus Berlin gezeigt werden. Die künstlerische Begegnung ist dem Thema „Maßstab und Ordnung“ gewidmet.

ESTHER STOCKER – on architecture, 2016site specific intervention at dr. julius | apadhesive tape on wood and glass, 333 ...

ESTHER STOCKER – on architecture, 2016
site specific intervention at dr. julius | ap
adhesive tape on wood and glass,
333 x 222 x 83 cms

dr. julius | ap's cover photo

dr. julius | ap's cover photo

dr. julius | ap gallery summer news 11_2016JULIUS STAHL still on view through September 18, 2016 atSkulpturenmuseum Glas...
Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl - Exhibitions

dr. julius | ap gallery summer news 11_2016
JULIUS STAHL still on view through September 18, 2016
Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl

Participating artists
Otto Boll, Josef Dabernig, Katja Davar, Nikolaus Gansterer,
Michael Hakimi, Ernst Hermanns, David Jablonowski,
Gudrun Kemsa, Norbert Kricke, Isa Melsheimer,
Eduardo Paolozzi, Julius Stahl, Raphaela Vogel,
Beny Wagner, Stephan Wiesen

The artistic approach, repeatedly exposing new encounters and unexpected situations in the present and the challenges derived there from, releases creative forces which in turn react as a response or at least as a possibility for the artwork to react back into society. Art can cause a mental agility in the viewer, in all sectors of society, as the instigator of a different way of seeing things.

When a personal feeling turns into the socio-political, lightness can be read as a feeling or attitude from which a positive movement or departure is made possible. An awareness of problems alone does not allow for development, concerns are not the best breeding ground for fantasy, and the anxious glance sees looming hurdles that a carefree enthusiasm seeks to overcome. Art has the advantage of not having to implement, but art broadens ones view.

In his novel "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" Milan Kundera describes lightness as a way of life that is valid only for a brief moment. It is always at latent risk and actually – conscious or unconscious – is experienced only through shielding oneself from reality. It is a feeling with a short half-life, a moment of happiness that one experiences in the consciousness of early waking, when ones holds ones half-asleep eyes closed, for a moment longer in order to savour a graphically experienced dream.

The artworks in this group show combines physical lightness, a feeling of floating and some ideas of utopia, implemented in various different materials. Sculptures, large-scale installations, but also videos and drawings release positive associations in space. A common trait running through all the works is that their materiality within the working process and their respective artistic content has a very particular significance. Above all, the use of concrete and glass in many works reflects the architecture of the town hall in Marl, whose functional structure and fundamental lightness is so convincing and must not be lost in the upcoming renovation.


Kristalle im Beton – Die produktive Leichtigkeit An exhibition in the Sculpture Museum Glaskasten Marl Opening Sunday, July 10, 2016 at 12 am 10 July – 18 September 2016 Press conference Friday, 8 July at 11.30 am The artistic approach, repeatedly exposing new encounters and unexpected situations in...

dr. julius | ap gallery news 10_2016DENISE WINTER showing of "Fragment_getanzt/Bauhaus"- a performance for slide-project...
Barnes Crossing: 04.08. "Fragment_getanzt/Bauhaus" Showing der Sommer-Residenz

dr. julius | ap gallery news 10_2016

showing of "Fragment_getanzt/Bauhaus"
- a performance for slide-projectors and dance.
in cooperation with the dancer Nicola Wähner
result of our summer residency at Barnes Crossing Cologne
04/08/2016, 7.30pm


Nicola Wähner und Denise Winter arbeiten derzeit bei Barnes Crossing an der Entwicklung der Performance Fragment_getanzt/Bauhaus für Dia-Projektoren und Tanz.

Positions Berlin

Positions Berlin

Excited to share the complete artist list of POSITIONS BERLIN 2016 soon 🚀 #worldwide
Above: Matthias Seidel from Berlin gallery dr. julius | ap in conversation in front of works by Austrian artist Stephan Ehrenhofer.

#positionsberlin #throwback #berlinartweek

© Berlin Art Week / Foto: Oana Popa


dr. julius | ap gallery news 10_2016
REGINE SCHUMANN participating in
A group show to celebrate Galerie Albert Baumgarten's 40th anniversary.
Opening Sunday, July 3, 2016, 11 am
Exhibition through August 13, 2016

Kartäuserstrasse 32
79102 Freiburg
T +49 761 35298

Peter ACKERMANN | ADOCHI | Josef ALBERS | Pierre ALECHINSKY | Neda AL HILALI | Karel APPEL | Daniel ARGIMON | Ludwig ARNOLD | PiRo AUTENHEIMER | Georg BASELITZ | Peter BAUHUIS | Gerd BAUMANN | Stéphane BELZERE | Stefano BICINI | Volker BLUMKOWSKI | Bram BOGART | Karl Bohrmann | Serafino BORELLI |Robert BOSISIO | Louise BOURGOIS | Paul BREINIG | Gisela BREITLING | Dirk BRÖMMEL | Jürgen BRODWOLF | James BROWN | Gudrun BRÜCKEL | Eberhard BRÜGEL | Jörg BÜRKLE | Erdogan BULUT | Michael BURGES | Harald BUSS | Ruth BUSSMANN | Antonio CALDERARA | Tommaso CASCELLA | Eduardo CHILLIDA | Oliver
CHRISTMANN | Sabine CHRISTMANN | Vittorio CORSINI | Peter COLLIEN | K.F.DAHMEN | Arnold M. DALL’O | Thomas DEYLE | Rudolf DISCHINGER | Marie DREA | Peter DREHER | Herbert EGL | Margret EICHER | Fred EIFLER-ROSSA | Eun Nim RO | Thomas EMDE | Bea EMSBACH | Elisabeth ENDRES | Anton FISCHER | RalphFLECK | Günter FRUHTRUNK | Günther FOERG | Corsin FONTANA | Klaus FUSSMANN | Efrat GAL-ED | GALLI | Alessandro GAMBA | Heinz GAPPMAYR | Francois GARCIA| Martina GEIST | Hans-Jörg GEORGI | Stefanie GERHARDT | Raimund GIRKE | Hamid GHODRATMAND | Fernando X. GONZALEZ | Francisco GOYA | Günter GRASS | Erwin GROSS | Bolle GRÖLLE | Friedemann HAHN | Rainer HANTSCHKE | Inga HÄUSERMANN | Klaus-Dieter Heilig | Wolf HEINEKE | Albert HELD | Harald HERRMANN| Marina HERRMANN | Gerhard HOEHME | William HOGARTH | Günther HOLDER | Romane HOLDERRIED KAESDORF | Arnold HOLZKNECHT | Viktor HOTTINGER |Johannes HÜPPI | Paolo IACCHETTI | Leiko IKEMURA | Horst JANSSEN | Peter JANSSEN | Wilhelm JAEGER | Raimer JOCHIMS | Lali JOHNE | Susi JUVAN | Julius KAESDORF | Wolfgang KARGER | Isabel KERKERMEIER | Thomas KESSELER | Emil KIESS | Herbert KITZEL | Thomas KITZINGER | Fritz KLEMM | Konrad KLAPHECK | Anja KNIEBÜHLER | Heinrich KOCH | Jiri KOLAR | Karl KORAB | KUBACH-WILMSEN | Peter KUNDT | Hans LAABS | Laszlo LAKNER | Camill LEBERER | LEE ChangMin | Christine LICHTHARDT | Jupp LINSSEN | Birgit LUXENBURGER | Herbert MAIER | Gerhard MANTZ | Nicola de MARIA | MARWAN | Roman MAUSAR | Christoph MECKEL | Stefan MELZL | Albert MERZ | Ueli MICHEL | Karl MORDSTEIN | Walter MORODER | Christine MOULIN | Alberto MORANDI | Herta MÜLLER | Klaus MÜNCH | Rainer NEPITA | Max NEUMANN | Norika NIENSTEDT | Georges NOEL | Eva OHLOW | Gerhard OPITZ | Jürgen PALMTAG | Hannelore PFEIFFER | G.B. PIRANESI |
Werner POKORNY | Karl PRANTL | Sebastian PROBST | Maria PROELSS | Enrico PULSONI | Simon RAAB | Peter REDEKER | Günter REICHENBACH | Susanna REINHARDT | Artur REUTTER | Ana Luisa RIBEIRO | Annerose RIEDL | Rudolf RIESTER | Hanni ROCCO | Mario ROFFLER | Herbert ROSNER | Robert SAGERMAN | Axel SANDER | Yoshihisa SANKAWA | Andrea SANTARLASCI | Christa SAUER | Friedbert SAUER | Robert SCHAD | Gregor SCHEER | Wilhelm SCHNARRENBERGER | Ulrich SCHNEIDER |
Werner SCHMIDT | Jan SCHÜLER | Ulrich SCHNEIDER | Dietrich SCHUCHARDT | Emil SCHUMACHER | Regine SCHUMANN | Michaele SCIAM | Sean SCULLY | Willi SIBER | Beate SILLESCU | Horst SOBOTTA | Dirk SOMMER | Emmanuel SOUGEZ | Susanne STÄHLI | Anna STANGL | Peter STOBBE | Walter STÖHRER | Artur STOLL | Gabriele STRAUB | Gabi STREILE | Kumi SUGAI | Sinen THALHEIMER | Jan Peter TRIPP | Hsiang Fa TSAO | Rolf URBAN | Bram van VELDE | Verena VERNUNFT | Gunther VOGEL | Peter VOGEL | Jan VOSS | Rob de VRY | Martin W. WAGNER | Claude WALL | Raymond WAYDELICH | Martin WEHMER | Birgitta WEIMAR | Andreas von WEIZSÄCKER | Herbert WENTSCHER | Rolf WEZEL | Anne WICKY | Barbara WIESINGER | Lambert Maria WINTERSBERGER | WING WONG | Ulrich WOLFF | Uwe WOLFF | WOLFRAM | YAMAMOTO Masao | Herbert ZANGS | Sati ZECH | Robert ZIELASKO

dr. julius | ap gallery news 9_2016DOUGLAS ALLSOP participating inRYTHME & GEOMETRIEMusées de Châteauroux [FR]Opening Ju...

dr. julius | ap gallery news 9_2016
DOUGLAS ALLSOP participating in

Musées de Châteauroux [FR]
Opening June 24, 2016 5pm,
Couvent des Cordeliers, Châteauroux
Exhibition through September 18, 2016

Aurélie Nemours, Auguste Herbin, Victor Vasarely,
Jean Dewasne, Véra Molnar, Gottfried Honegger, François Morellet
Douglas Allsop,
Maria Arvelaiz-Gordon, Milijac Bellic, Roger Bensasson, Joël Besse, Charles Bézie, Dominique Binet, Jean-Luc Bruckert, John Carter, Franco Cortese, Isabelle de Gouyon Matignon, Roland de Jong Orlando, Nathalie Delassalle, Delnau, Daniel de Spirt, Jean-
François Dubreuil, Rita Ernst, Jacky Ferrand, Joël Froment, Julian Gil, Ingo Glass, Nicole Guyhart, Istvan Haasz, Soonja Han, Pierre Hémery, Ingrid Hornef, Gerhard Hotter, Rity Jansen Heitjmayer, Andras Jaszberenyi, Claude Jouault, Renate Kasper, Yumiko Kimura, Anneke Klein Kranenbarg, Antonia Lambellé, Pierre Louaver, Pierre Mavropoulos, Mitsouko Mori, Prospero Moryusef, Franck Mouteault, Roland Orépük, Jan Pamula, Claude Pasquer,
Yves Popet, Henri Prosi, Karin Radoy, Torsten Ridell, Jaume Rocamora, Albert Rubens, Inaki Ruiz de Eguino, Fritz Ruprechter, Janos Szasz Saxon, Diet Sayler, Filomena Spissu, Ewin Steller, Bogumila Strojna, Philippe Vacher, Marus Van Der Made, André Van Lier, Helena Vergouwen, Dirk Verhaegen, Jean-Pierre Viot, Jacques Weyer, Romano Zanotti


Leberstrasse 60

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drj art projects (2008–2019 dr. julius | ap) is Berlin's only gallery focussing exclusively on New Concrete and Constructive Art with an international line-up of artists. Moreover, Architecture and Urban Photography complete our unique profile.


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drj art projects contemporary conceptual minimal concrete art + architecture. In six to eight exhibitions per year, on art fairs and on Artsy.net we feature selected international artists.

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