John Hansen 3D Art

John Hansen 3D Art 3D Character Artist & 3D Generalist 3D Generalist & Character Artist. Sofware Skills: Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, zbrush, Unity 3d, Photoshop

Vortex Racer

Testing out new Weapons for our Game

Testing out new Weapons for our Game

It is a VR racer with shooting elements in 80s style on surrealistic, rollercoaster like tracks. The sound takes a major role so I recommend to enable it while watching. The title is Vortex Racer .The target platform is the oculus quest but it's also running on the Go.


First trailer of our new VR Game for the Oculus Go and Quest by 360weare. Recorded and cut by the talented mr. Lennart Uhrenbacher. - Mit Wissen zum Erfolg
11/01/2018 - Mit Wissen zum Erfolg - Mit Wissen zum Erfolg

Ob Onlinekurs, e-Book oder Fernstudium. Wir suchen die besten und effizientesten für dich heraus und Du stellst sie auf deine Bedürfnisse zusammen.

Alien Land Octopus

Dynamic Alien Land Octopus!
Trying to find some new forms of moving based on the skills i got from making a Sea Lilly a few weeks ago. There is not one single keyframe ( except the camera animation). Only Hair Simulation and Mograph tools. Software: Cinema 4D.
C&C are welcome

Technik Olymp

small header video i made for a good friend. TechnikOlymp. software: Cinema 4d

Baby Face

i watched Matrix yesterday and tryed to find out if i can do something similar to the robot baby face boss with Cinema 4d. Thats the result..



Une petite video expliquant notre concept de fourmilliere.... D' autres suivront...

Ants terrarium concept w.i.p. more soon...


Daily Sketch. Music by Dorian Dekay, Lucca Tan. Software: Cinema 4D

Planet Scan Effect

W.i.p of my planet scan effect. i get some different results and i am not sure in wich direction i want to continue. your opinions would be helpful. thx. Software: Cinema 4D

Origin-Ants Logo

A animated logo with leafcutter ants for Origin-Ants. Software: Cinema 4D

just some play arounds

just some play arounds with dynamics, cloth, softboy, connectors and so on. Software: Cinema 4D

Showreel 2017

My showreel 2017! Music by Daniel Prayuth Meiner. Software Cinema 4D

John Hansen 3D Art's cover photo

John Hansen 3D Art's cover photo

hair attractor test

some test renderer. no keyframes, only hair, attractors and dynamic settings. software: cinema 4d. music: Daniel Prayuth Meiner

Dragon Animation

Dragon Animation i did a couple of years ago. Model from the elder scroll skyrim. Software: Cinema 4D


testing a swarm simulation without any particles. software: Cinema4D

Some Visualization i did in my old Job

Some Visualization i did in my old Job

Some Visualization i did in my old Job




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