Collective Isolation

Collective Isolation Collective Isolation is a project by the non-profit art collective KAPiTAL and seeks to create connection and community through art.

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Ready to immerse yourself in some poetry?Collective Isolations first edition is finally finished!Follow the link below t...

Ready to immerse yourself in some poetry?
Collective Isolations first edition is finally finished!

Follow the link below to have a look!



Dear supporters!

Today we reached 200 Likes and want to take this as an occasion to say thank you!

The last days we have received a multitude of submissions. While all are very different in genre and approach, the intensity of the current situation appears very palpable in all of them. We are very grateful to have inspired all these beautiful pieces and are already looking forward to present them soon!

Keep surprising us!




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Collective Isolation

‘Collective Isolation’ is a project of the non-profit collective KAPiTAL and seeks to create connection and community through art. Art has always been a tool of reflection and confrontation, becoming even more relevant in the light of the current precarious events. The extraordinary conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic call for a strong response in the arts and require innovative and alternative concepts in the cultural sector. ‘Collective Isolation’ provides a platform for a creative research of the term and concept of isolation.


iso·​la·​tion | \ ˌī-sə-ˈlā-shən also ˌi- \ Definition of isolation : the action of isolating : the condition of being isolated from Latin insula (“island”) SOLITUDE, ISOLATION, SECLUSION mean the state of one who is alone. SOLITUDE may imply a condition of being apart from all human beings or of being cut off by wish or circumstances from one's usual associates. // a few quiet hours of solitude // ISOLATION stresses detachment from others often involuntarily. // the isolation of the village in winter // SECLUSION suggests a shutting away or keeping apart from others often connoting deliberate withdrawal from the world or retirement to a quiet life. // lived in pastoral seclusion //

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