Die Blaue Stunde

Die Blaue Stunde What happens at die Blaue Stunde? Not that much anymore - we only open for very few bands that really conquered our hearts... A true Speakeasy is well hidden: Enter via the courtyard, first side building, then second floor / left door Line up: http://bravenewswing.de/concerts/special-live-acts

My favorite band from back home is backing up Mr. Jake La Botz - and all that on a Friday. Please safe that date you luc...
14.6. Jake La Botz (USA) + Smockestack Lightnin' LIVE!

My favorite band from back home is backing up Mr. Jake La Botz - and all that on a Friday. Please safe that date you lucky all!

We are back for one very special occasion - 'cause from now on we'll only open for bands that really conquered our hearts. Yes, we will be happily cherry picking - and we'll start with Jake La Botz backed up from my favorite band from back home: Smokestack Lightnin'. What a combination! (You know ...


Yes it's true: We (Anna & Patrick) will retire from the party business - but the Tuesday nights at Freudenzimmer will go on! Florent from Syncopation Society (and known from various bands in Berlin) will curate the parties and live music from November on. Dance classes by Brave New Swing & Sweet Blues Berlin will stay - and so will the Blues floor with Enric & Marco! And Mr. Mono Michalke will be your resident DJ at the main floor... Woohoo!

For this occasion we'll have two big farewell Sausen:
Farewell part I: Jesse Bardwell and the Free Union (USA)
Farewell part II: Cats and Dinosaurs (SWE)

We expect to see you all at at least one of these!

And yes: When the nights are new you can find us relaxing at the bar - or even dancing. We can't wait!


Woah - that was a true Blaue Stunde with you all! Next week: Lost Revellers (UK)!


We need a new location to continue the concerts - and to teach dance in. Any help is appreciated.
(Teaching Tuesday and Thursday evening, Party Tuesday only - not too far ab vom Schuss please...) Thank you!


TONIGHT: Hitzefrei! See you next week...


OBACHT: No Blaue Stunde tomorrow - but the week after!


As everybody is melting without movin already: We will schedule the re-opening 1 week


Next week: Big re-opening with Die Abrissbirnen and special guests from New Orleans!


We are happy you loved Mary's Little Lamb as much as we did - see you all in August!

Mary's Little Lamb - El Fuego - Live @ De Living

Tonight will sound like that:

Mary's Little Lamb - El Fuego - Live @ De Living Heist-op-den-Berg - 2 April 2017 'El Fuego' from the album 'Elixir for the Drifter' by Mary's Little Lamb, o...

Read more about the last concert of this season next Tuesday...:
Tuesday July 3rd: Mary's Little Lamb (BE)

Read more about the last concert of this season next Tuesday...:

Hello everybody! Come all out for one last big and special concert before we do our first ever summer break! We have a beautiful band from Belgium for this special occasion: I found Mary's Little Lamb playing at Missy Sippy in Ghent and couldn't believe it: They sounded like a mixture of Ween and ...

Mary's Little Lamb - It can't go wrong

Look at this beautiful video, animated by the singer and banjo player of next Tuesday's extra ordinary band, playing the last Blaue Stunde before the summer break:

Story & animation: Bart Hendrickx Music: 'It Can't Go Wrong' from the album 'Fortune & Chance' by Mary's Little Lamb www.maryslittlelamb.be


Mehringdamm 61


Dienstag 19:00 - 05:00


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