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Overmorrow Berlin Immersive Theatre and Art installations from Berlins most creative minds. Join us in the land of Ov

Wie gewohnt öffnen

Thank you for this little reminder of what we created this summer. And thank you for what you created. It all feels like...

Thank you for this little reminder of what we created this summer. And thank you for what you created.
It all feels like a distant dream ✨

Look Ma, we're on TV!Our beautiful little world was features in Arte Tracks.Please don't forget we are running a Gofundm...
Rettet den Rave – Halten die Clubs in Berlin durch? | Arte TRACKS

Look Ma, we're on TV!

Our beautiful little world was features in Arte Tracks.

Please don't forget we are running a Gofundme for our artists and this crazy wonderland we call Overmorrow.

Clubsterben, Gentrifizierung, Mieterhöhungen, Schließungen: Dass die Clubkultur in Berlin bedroht ist, ist nichts neues. Die weltweite Pandemie setzt der Mis...

Hello beautiful people,We have had 100s of messages of support and questions on how you can help our project and Artists...
Overmorrow Project- Artist Aid, organized by Billie Rae

Hello beautiful people,

We have had 100s of messages of support and questions on how you can help our project and Artists.

Thank you so much, we're so grateful for this 🙏

We've set up a Gofundme donation page as a way to donate towards our next project set up costs and to help compensate the Artists involved as we had to stop our project so abruptly.

Every cent donated will go directly back to the Overmorrow Project and will help us with some financial stability for our Artists and our next project we hope to launch in a matter of weeks.

Your donation will benefit over 100 artists in Berlin. All funds raised will be used to construct and pay artists to create our new project and installations at Else Klub.

We've started relatively low as we understand that this is a very turbulent time. Financially many people are struggling. But if you're in the position to help with this project and to aid us in setting up our next incredible exhibition space which will help create work and jobs for this important scene in Berlin, please donate in the link below.

And we hope to very soon, open the doors to our world once more and for you to explore the surreal wonderland of Overmorrow.

Thank you dearly from all of us

Overmorrow Team.

Please share and help raise awareness of our donation campaign.

Overmorrow is an immersive walkthrough art experience originally at Wilde Renate Berlin. … Billie Rae needs your support for Overmorrow Project- Artist Aid

We don't know what the future holds just yet. We're going to ask the cards and our in house oracle .We are positive we w...

We don't know what the future holds just yet. We're going to ask the cards and our in house oracle .

We are positive we will be back. Bigger and stronger than before.
Your spirit and support the past days has been utterly beautiful. We really have to say a huge THANK YOU.


Much love from all of us here.

📸 By

You can help with our project by donating here


Please direct all ticket refund enquires to [email protected]

Thank you 🙏

And it is possible to donate your ticket to this project and our artists, if you would wish to.
If not. We totally understand. And thank you for all the support and understanding.

Big Love.
Overmorrow team.

We have also set up a Gofundme where you can donate to our project.


Dear guests and friends,

With a heavy heart from all of our team, we have unfortunately we have to close Overmorrow early,

The performances that were supposed to take place this weekend (before the lockdown on November 4th) cannot take place because we have to deal with unreasonable repression from the Police and the Ordnungsamt., which not only means the end of this segment of this wonderful project, but also could result in severe and possibly irreparable financial damage for us as a cultural location.

Before we go into the incidents of yesterday evening, we would like to apologize to our guests and for the inconvenience.
We would of course be very happy if you would like to continue supporting the artists and to donate your already bought ticket we would be very grateful and of course, we fully understand should you want to cancel your tickets and have them refunded.

In this case, please send us the Paypal data you used for the purchase to the following email address.

[email protected] We will take care of the refund immediately.

Yesterday we had a visit from the Police and Ordnungsamt.
During the last 3 inspections we had, the Overmorrow project was not found to be violating any rules put in place by the government and our operations were not disrupted during the inspection. And even tho a large police force has been there in the past, only two to three officers carefully inspected the premises.

However During yesterday's inspection on October 30, 2020, the ordnungsamt came with a reinforcement of around 20 police officers. We had to pause the entire exhibition for two hours, which resulted in considerable financial damage and stress. This action mainly affects the artists, as all profits are distributed directly to the artists

Unfortunately the strength and attitudes of the police suggested that the authorities were expecting a large group, party or rave. They were disappointed to find guests peacefully enjoying an exhibition with some of our amazing performers in their Halloween themed costumes.

After the officers could not find any violations of the COVID 19 regulations, there was initially uncertainty among the employees of the Ordnungsamt, probably due to the unusual project and the unexpectedly low number of guests.

As a result, hypothetical visitor numbers and scenarios were used that are far from reality, suggesting there ‘could have been’ 500 people there - even tho at this moment the exhibition was at maximum capacity and it was clear that all guidelines were being followed.

The regulations were ticked off point by point by the responsible Managing personal of the Wilden Renate. This resulted in the Ordnungsamt repeating the ‘potential’ failures of the distance rules and the threat of fines of € 25,000.
But having seen that we were clearly not doing anything wrong the Ordnungsamt had to determine that they had come across a well enforced hygiene concept and in the eyes of the officials promised to be a possible "success".

OVERMORROW is and was absolutely compliant during the entire season and in particular under the tightened regulations to amend the SARS-COV-2 infection protection regulation, which has been in force since October 29, 2020.
As already mentioned, the regulatory office was repeatedly able to find no violations of the Infection Protection Ordinance, as in this case, when the exhibition was at its maximum capacity.

Even after 3 exemplary checks carried out in the past, yesterday's action by the Ordnungsamt and the police felt strange and different.
The officials were unnecessarily aggressive towards us and our project. This mission in question had the character of a raid rather than a control to ensure compliance with the infection control. The number and sheer strength of the uniformed officers was threatening.
At least two of our artists who belong to marginalized groups and who have to deal with mental stress in contact with police officers in the past, suffered from panic attacks and were not okay.

When asked to proceed as carefully as the officers who had carried out the first checks in the summer and a few weeks back , we received the answer
“You can't disguise as a secret shopper, and best of all come to visit by appointment ".
At this point we would like to make it clear again that controls on our part are not only tolerated, but even welcomed. We have nothing to hide!

However the threat of more checks and more officers has made us feel intimidated. When we were more than clearly well within all guidelines.

Here is a brief explanation of our processes:

Only two people from two households are allowed into the exhibition every 5-10 minutes.
The exhibition is divided into 16 stations with 16 stages.
The shows of the performance artists that take place on these stages last 5 minutes each. After 5 minutes the guests have to switch to the next stage. the artists keep the prescribed distance of 1.50 m at all times. We also employ employees who are solely responsible for meticulously enforcing this rule.

We all have a common goal. The Ordnungsamt is welcome at any time. We had done nothing wrong.
However, we would like the authorities to take action that does not directly threaten our existence and our artists and us as a cultural location.

Overmorrow was a lifeline for so many artists and cultural workers. With this project we were able to distribute well over €94,000 to our artists and production staff in the last 3 months. It is important that it stays alive!

Overmorrow is a project that was launched together with the Bad Bruises and Trash Era collectives to support artists who have no income, no stage and therefore no voice during the pandemic. The cast of the exhibition consists of 95% LGBTIQ * artists.

We absolutely understand that in times like these, controls have to be carried out. These controls are in our interest and we are ready to make sacrifices. We all want to leave this pandemic behind us as soon as possible. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed alternative concepts to support our artists and to keep the cultural landscape of our city and ourselves alive as a cultural location.

Unfortunately this has now come to an early end and we cannot face the risk of the threatened repression.

Thank you and stay with us. Your OVERMORROW team.

We have set up a donation page if anyone wishes to donate towards our project.

Thursday Addams says THANK YOU to all of you ghoulish beasties.🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️We've officially SOLD OUT this weekend for ...

Thursday Addams says THANK YOU to all of you ghoulish beasties.


We've officially SOLD OUT this weekend for our Overhorror Spooktacular.

Thank you for your support!

We're so grateful for every ticket, every donation. Each cent goes back to the project and is helping our huge team of incredible performers and production staff through this crazy horror show we call 2020.

👻 🎃 👻🎃👻🎃👻

Thank you! And remember

Masks are mandatory

Please stay home if you feel unwell

Make sure when inside you keep a 1.5 Metre distance at all time between our performers and other guests.

Stay safe darlings.

Thursday Addams Antina Christ

🕸 🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️

The Berlin Butcher

Don't stay out after 11pm folks... Or the Berlin Butcher will make you into sausages.

You've been warned...

OVERHORROR BERLIN is running til Sunday, sadly after that we're back into lockdown and will have to cancel the second half of the run.

Last couple of tickets available now.

If you've bought tickets for next week, don't worry! Tickets will be fully refunded. And if anyone is able we also are taking donations via our ticket website. To help the artists and production thar have once again been made unemployed! Winter is going to long and dark and any help to keep our beautiful team afloat is greatly appreciated 🙏

Thanks for all the support! We love you

KROUSKY the Butcher!


Since our Conception back in July 2020, we have managed to pay out over €94,000 to artists and staff that are working wi...

Since our Conception back in July 2020, we have managed to pay out over €94,000 to artists and staff that are working within the project.

WOW. We could cry, what a dream this has been and what an amazing thing we have achieved together.

This is something we are so proud of. We have done this with the help of Berlin's vibrant and incredible community of artists, the creatives, the makers and the doers and from the astounding support of YOU, our guests.

We cannot thank you all enough.

To the many teams and Collectives such as Bad Bruises TrashEra Venus Boys Berlin Strippers Collective , to the performers who have given 110% daily, the staff that have been the backbone keeping it together, to Salon - Zur wilden Renate for gifting us their space and creativity, the film makers and photographers documenting, the guests who have come with an open mind WE DID IT TOGETHER. THANK YOU.

We can't wait to be back and to see what we can achieve next, join us this week as we open up once more for our Overmorrow / Halloween special OVERHORROR
And watch this space. We are working on our winter creations already.

Thank you!

Photo Roni Lugassi Photography
Artist Buba Sababa

OVERMORROW IS BACK for an extra special Halloween edition ... OVERHORROR!Starting Wednesday 29th 👻 What could be scarier...

OVERMORROW IS BACK for an extra special Halloween edition ... OVERHORROR!

Starting Wednesday 29th 👻

What could be scarier than finding an apartment in Berlin?

The great Family Morrow has a room available in their dilapidated mansion, and you're invited to come for a flat viewing and to get a tour of the place. A warning: the other housemates (some living, others not) are not so pleased with new arrivals, and will do whatever it takes to keep you from renting a place at The Morrow Manor House…

Enquire Within.

Inside, you will meet the other residents: the Addams Family but queer, the Munsters with a kink, and Rocky Horror on steroids. Intrigued yet?

Anmeldung is possible.

We will be bringing you new performances! New installations! New surprises!
OverHorror is a new immersive walkthrough performance & art experience at Wilde Renate. Over 100 artists from a wide variety of art-collectives like Bad Bruises and TrashEra have created this spookalicious experience.


Since our conception in July we have successfully paid and employed 100s of artists during this turbulent time. This exhibition has been an important life line for so many and we THANK YOU! For all your support, each ticket sale goes directly to the project and artists. This truly has kept your scene alive.

Here’s what you need to know about your visit:

- 2 tickets on sale each slot, the total journey is 1h+ long

- Bring a mask or similar to cover your mouth and nose

- If you feel unwell, stay home

- Keeping 1.5 meter distance will be required at all times

- Only visitors of 18 years and older are accepted

- We will be using strobe lighting and some material may be triggering for some types of epilepsy

- Comfortable footwear is recommended

- Sadly not wheelchair friendly venue

- Not advised for those with severe claustrophobia

- Themes and content are ADULT and may be triggering as this is an artists space and platform for their own expression. If you have any traumas please contact us before and we can advise you of the content that may be in the exhibition on that time slot :-)
With artist .veryconfused

'When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy deadAnd the White Knight is talking backwardsAnd the Red Queen's off with ...

'When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's off with her head
Remember what the Dormouse said
Feed your head, feed your head' ...

Oh Alice! What an incredible few days we've had with the amazing takeover. THIS IS NOT WONDERLAND!

We're jumping down the rabbit hole one final time, we're back tomorrow for the finale run of this beautiful Immersive experience!

There are not many tickets left so follow the link in our bio to avoid disappointment.




Please remember Alice! To wear your mask!


We added an extra date due to demand and there are only a handful of tickets left for tomorrow! This is presale only so please be warned if you want to see the THIS IS NOT WONDERLAND takeover we suggest you get your tickets very soon to avoid disappointment.

ALICE!! There you are!? You're late! Are you ready for your trip?Let's go!!Day 2 of the  takeover is here at  and we can...

ALICE!! There you are!? You're late! Are you ready for your trip?

Let's go!!

Day 2 of the takeover is here at and we can't wait to see what they create today.

Saturday is SOLD OUT but we've added an extra date on Sunday. This is selling fast tho folks!

Find the White Rabbit .dad
🐰 And join us and remember this is NOT wonderland.



Alt-Stralau 70


Mittwoch 09:00 - 22:00
Donnerstag 09:00 - 22:00
Freitag 15:00 - 22:00
Samstag 15:00 - 22:00
Sonntag 15:00 - 22:00


Lassen Sie sich von uns eine E-Mail senden und seien Sie der erste der Neuigkeiten und Aktionen von Overmorrow Berlin erfährt. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht für andere Zwecke verwendet und Sie können sich jederzeit abmelden.

Service Kontaktieren

Nachricht an Overmorrow Berlin senden:


OVERMORROW IS HERE! Welcome to our ‚Brave New World'

OVERMORROW is an immersive walkthrough art experience at Wilde Renate. Over 40 artists from a wide variety of art-collectives like Bad Bruises and Trash Era have come together to create an insight into what our world could look like in the near future after the global pandemic. Utopia or dystopia. Where will our common path lead us?

Kunst & Unterhaltung in der Nähe

Andere Kunst und Unterhaltung in Berlin

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Renate TrashEra Overmorrow Berlin
my utmost pleasure to guide you through the fine dark rainy ride as the captain navigating the raver's boat to the murky watery music department... was super lovely experience this 6 hours journey! felt so right! and left! and balanced in the mids! 😼


What a wild ride we had in 2020!

We are extremely grateful to each and everyone of you who have supported us during this year! 🎉

Special thanks to

Sketcherei for helping us navigate online sessions, organizing art auctions to support us and your friendship for an incredible photo shoot for documenting our journey

Overmorrow Berlin for having us at the most fun event of this summer

VICE auf Deutsch tip Berlin The Economist sleek magazine and Playful Magazine for giving us a voice and space in your publications

800A Bar & Cabaret Wilde Renate and Loophole Berlin for giving us a stage to host our shows

East London St*****rs Collective and FKA twigs for giving us visibility in your platforms and the inspiration

We look forward to keep on working hard to keep on bringing sexy witch magic and ethical erotic entertainment to you all ❤️

Photography assistant
On Instagramn
A surprise TV appearance! A glimpse of Overmorrow Berlin alongside the Venus Boys, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding and some other very cool projects! (... And Elon Musk is going to include a club at the Gigafactory 🤔)
Selling two tickets for Saturday, that is tomorrow Oct 24. Our babysitter canceled :(
Time slot 16:05. Original price 30 euro but we are happy to get whatever for it so people can enjoy the show!
Venus Boys will be taking over Overmorrow Berlin from October 22-24 🐰🕳

Tickets and info: This Is Not Wonderland - Venus Boys Takeover of Overmorrow
Ein Club ist ein Club ist Bad Bruises

Bad Bruises lud uns ein zu den letzten Tagen von Overmorrow Berlin, wie wir es kannten! Und für ihre letzte Ausgabe von The Peepshow! Dies sind zwei Projekte, die während der Pandemie 2020 ins Leben gerufen wurden, um unsere Szene am Leben zu erhalten und ein Ventil für die Künste zu schaffen. Overmorrow war eine immersive Theater-Ausstellungserfahrung. Im Salon - Zur wilden Renate wurden wir auf ein Abenteuer durch viele Stockwerke, Räume und Installationen mitgenommen. Verirrten und fanden und unter mehr als 24 verschiedenen Live-Aufführungen während des Tages wieder. Jede Erfahrung war eine andere...

Dann, als das Licht verblasste und das Summen der elektrischen Neonröhren zu pulsieren begann, öffnete die Peepshow ihre mit Samt ausgekleideten Gucklöcher! Die Peepshow, die seit Juli läuft, ist eine Möglichkeit, Aufführungsräume mit voller sozialer Distanzierung zu schaffen. Eine Bühne, die sowohl für die Künstler als auch für die Gäste sicher ist.

"Jede dieser Veranstaltungen ist eine gemeinnütziges Unternehmung. Jeder ausgegebene Cent geht direkt zurück an die Darsteller, das Projekt und zurück an die beteiligten Künstler und Kreativen. Während dieser Pandemie waren wir gemeinsam in der Lage, über 120 Künstler pro Woche zu bezahlen und eine Bühne für sie zu schaffen. Darauf sind wir alle sehr stolz!

Die Zusammenarbeit als Gemeinschaft in dieser Zeit hat uns gezeigt, dass wir gemeinsam tatsächlich alles erreichen können. Und wir danken allen für die Unterstützung und den Zuspruch, den wir seit unserer Eröffnung im Juli erhalten haben." - Bad Bruises

📸Credits: Jascha MG & Luca Vincenzo

🌟 03.10.
🏆Der TAG DER CLUBKULTUR um das vielfältige Engagement für die Berliner Clubkultur herauszustellen und zu würdigen.

I would like to sell ONE ticket for Sunday, 04.10, 18:10 Time slot

Price: 20 Euro!
Anyone selling tickets for Thursday/ Friday?
Jetzt anmelden >>> Tag der ClubKultur: Bad Bruises

Bad Bruises wurde 2016 konzipiert, um sexpositive Kunsträume mit eindringlichen Theaterelementen, Musik und Kostümen in Clubs und Veranstaltungsorten zu schaffen. Hauptziel des Kollektivs war und ist es, sichere und vielfältige Orte für Gäst*innen und Künstler*innen zu schaffen und die Grenze zwischen Bühne und Publikum zu verwischen. Seine bekannteste Party ist „The House of Red Doors“ in der Salon - Zur wilden Renate, aber auch Apokaliipstick im KitKatClub Berlinofficial wurde zwei Jahre lang von ihnen durchgeführt. Im Lockdown hat Bad Bruises den Auftrittsort The Peepshow als Teil des Overmorrow Berlin Projekts in der ELSE, dem Außenbereich der Wilden Renate, konzipiert, der auch für den TAG DER CLUBKULTUR genutzt wird.

🌟 03.10.
🏆Der TAG DER CLUBKULTUR um das vielfältige Engagement für die Berliner Clubkultur herauszustellen und zu würdigen.

The social construct of Virgin/Whore by the talented ❤️
👁️ Overmorrow Berlin
Salon - Zur wilden Renate
If you haven't seen it yet, now it's your last chance!
👁️ Overmorrow Berlin
Salon - Zur wilden Renate
Hey ya
Someone's selling 2 Tickets for the show at wendnesday 29th or thursday 30th ?

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