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Aeon Online Welcome to the best Silkroad private server 2021.

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Hello Aeon players, First we would like to thank you for your patience.

Our game starts a beta starting from today till grand opening on 5 of April,
every player who will play beta will get 2k aeon points on grand.
Enjoy 🙂


We are in beta now 😊
Any player will report a bug he will get a reward in the grand opening ❤️❤️

Grand Opening

[ Aeon Reborn ]
[ Grand Reopening ] on 18 Mar ☯️💪
S H @ R E event 🥳🥳
S H @ R E this post and get a reward ⬇️
First 20 S H @ R E S will win 1000 Aeon Points (Donation points)
Every player will invite his friends will gain additional 500 Aeon Points for each friend.
1️⃣ act on the page 👍
2️⃣ S H @ R E this post in public
3️⃣ get Your friends to know us
4️⃣ Join to discord
Server info:
⚔ Server Aeon
⚔ Cap 140
⚔ Degree 14
⚔ Race Ch/Eu
⚔ Rebirth System yes
⚔ PC Limit Unlimited
⚔ Exp/Sp rate 7x
⚔ Party Exp/Sp rate 14x
⚔ Drop rate 5x
⚔ Gold rate 15x
⚔ Berserker Gain Rate 2x
⚔ Maps All regions
⚔ Battle Arena
⚔ Fortress war Jangan
⚔ FGW Enabled
⚔ Auto Equipment Working from D1 to D10
Our server system explanation :
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update log1- Activated Auto Events2- Added 10 Gift/h and 1 Aeonpoint/h system.3- Added christmas effects to towns4- Adde...

update log
1- Activated Auto Events
2- Added 10 Gift/h and 1 Aeonpoint/h system.
3- Added christmas effects to towns
4- Added hp mp grain to NPC
5- Added luck D1 to be sold in shop and also to be dropped from monsters 130 to 140.
6- Added new gift system for christmas (Event So-Ok)
search for santa in attacking area of (jangan,tigermountain,donwhang,tarim basin,hotan,karakoram,taklamakan,roc mountain,samarkand,ararat mountain,constintinople,alex, alex desert)
hunt the santa and get christmas coin and you can buy items from so-ok.
7- Added new job area
8- Added new job suits
9- Added new pvp room
10- Added new quest for 100 coins each [gold,silver,arena]
11- Added new roc attack pet
12- Added new system for title changing and unique log
13- Added new system to get gifts from low lvl uniques
14- Added unique area for plvl
15- Fixed attack pet
16- Fixed elixir drop rate
17- Fixed item name for PhBot
18- Increased champions/giants spawn rate by 10%
19- Increased mobs spawn rate to be 5x with 0 delay
20- Reduced Uniques hp
21- Updated all uniques to be lvl 140
22- Updated arabia uniques spot radius
23- Updated titans uniques to be spawned (edited)

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Our Server Update 😉🎃1-Added new uniques for new players for lvl up events.2-Added stones D13 & advanced D to NPC.3-Added...

Our Server Update 😉🎃
1-Added new uniques for new players for lvl up events.
2-Added stones D13 & advanced D to NPC.
3-Added Sun items (Sets/Acc) as drops from Uniques lvl 130 to lvl 140 (30% drop rate).
4-Monsters lvl 130 to 140 damage reduced by 40%
5-Increased FGW card rates >> Star1 (30%) >> Star2 (40%) >> Star3 (50%) >> Star4 (60%) for boxes and sereness boss.
6-Vigors and Hp/Mp XXL price reduced.
7- Fixed dark room mobs flooding.
8- Added Berserker Scroll drop from Uniques lvl 130 to lvl 140.
9- Fixed guild/union emblem.
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Congratulations to who got lvl 140

Congratulations to who got lvl 140

The journey has begun 🥳 🙂Play hide and seek event  and claim your reward !The Rewads:10% damage increase scroll10% damag...

The journey has begun 🥳 🙂
Play hide and seek event and claim your reward !
The Rewads:
10% damage increase scroll
10% damage absorption scroll
20% damage increase scroll
20% damage absorption scroll
10% damage increase/absorption scroll
20% damage increase/absorption scroll
Beginner Global Chat
14 Degree gender switch tool
Increase Moving speed 150%
Increase Moving speed 200%
Extension gear
Instant Return Scroll
Reverse Return scroll
Skill edit potion
Dimension Hole (Shipwreck-lvl1)
Dimension Hole (Shipwreck-lvl2)
Dimension Hole (Shipwreck-lvl3)
Dimension Hole (Shipwreck-lvl4)
Dark Lizard
Clock of Reincarnation
Potion of Growth
Sabakun's jewel
Higher Devil Upgrade Elixir
Devil's Spirit magicstone
Magic stone of immortal(Lvl.14)
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حل ؟
eh ya gem3a howa al U.q al fe al game betnzel kol 6 howrs leh lmefrod yanzelo kol 10 Mins or 20 Mins
حل المشكله دى ازاى
مش راضيه تشتغل ليه العيب فى ايه